Phuket Open for Tourism in July 2021?

Some information regarding the possibility that Government Authorities will re-open Phuket to tourists in July

Thailand Reopened for Tourism by October 2021?

A talk on the possibility that various provinces in Thailand could be re-opened to tourism by October

"Night Time Restrictions" Not Curfews in Thailand

Some information regarding the times by which people are requested to remain indoors in different provinces in Thailand as a method to help prevent further spread of COVID.

Will Thailand Legalize Gambling Coming off of the COVID Pandemic?

A talk on gambling in Thailand and whether it will be legalized as a move to improve the economy which has suffered greatly due to the response to COVID.

Is the K-3, CR-1, IR-1 Visa Process Different Under Biden?

A quick update on the visa process under the new Administration; specifically with regards to US Marriage Visas.

Is the USA an Example for Thailand on Immigration Policy?

A discussion on an article recently published whereby it was suggested that Thailand should look at US Immigration as an example for business immigration policy.

Property Prices Dropping in Bangkok?

Some information on property prices in Thailand which have been going down over the past year resulting in good bargains for prospective buyers.

A Perennial Cycle for Retirees in Thailand?

A discussion on the decision to retire in Thailand often taken by many expats who have been working here for a number of years.

Does The Thai Government Care About Small Business?

Some insight regarding how small businesses have been impacted over the past year and the policies being made which are having detrimental impacts on those businesses.

50 Thailand Elite Visa Real Estate Projects

Some recent good news for Thailand Elite Card holders regarding the purchase of real estate here in Thailand.


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