Insurance Requirements Announced for Thai Retirement Visas

Immigration authorities in Thailand have promulgated new rules regarding mandatory insurance for those seeking retirement visas.

New Financial Support Rules for K-3 Visas from Thailand

New rules are being promulgated regarding K-3 marriage visas issued from Thailand.

Biometrics Now Used in Thai Visa Extensions

Biometrics are becoming an integral tool for Thai immigration in visa extension applications.

Thailand Cracking Down on Foreigners Working Illegally

It appears that officials in Thailand are increasingly concerned with those working illegally in Thailand.

Does Thailand Not Care About Western Tourism?

There are some who suggest that Thailand takes Western tourism for granted.

Chinese and Indian Tourists Get Free Thai Visas

Tourists from China and India are able to obtain visas to Thailand at no charge through 2019.

New Financial Support Rules for K-1 Visas from Thailand

The Trump administration is imposing new regulations withe respect to guidelines for determining who can be deemed a "public charge" with respect to the K-1 fiancee visa.

Thai Immigration Enforcement and B Visa Extensions

Immigration officers in Thailand are using more stringent enforcement methods for business visa applications.

Thai Immigration Causing Confusion Regarding TM30

Issues surrounding TM30 continue to cause confusion among foreigners in Thailand.


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