A "Faster Than Expected" Rebound in Thailand's Tourism Sector?

A discussion on the reopening of Thailand after the Covid Pandemic and some indications that maybe the number of tourists will be more than expected.

Why Are Thai Work Permits Needed in Addition to B Visas?

Some quick information in answer to a query regarding Work Permits and Business Visas which actually fall under the auspices of different Ministries in Thailand.

Will the 51-49 Percent Rule for Thai Condos Ever Change?

A talk on the Thai to Foreign ratio regarding ownership rights to Condos in Thailand and whether this ratio will change.

4am Closing Time for Entertainment Venues in Thailand?

A discussion on a recent proposal to extend the hours for entertainment venues in Thailand which would be one way to boost tourism which is much needed.

Can a Thai Visa Exemption Convert to an O-A Retirement Visa in Thailand?

A discussion on visa conversion whilst in Thailand, specifically to an O-A Visa which are visas that are typically only issued overseas.

Thai Condo Maintenance Fees: Payment Timing?

A talk on the schedule for paying Common Area Fees for a Condo in Thailand and some issues that could arise if one delayed payment of those fees.

Since When Did Illness Become a Criminal Offense?

Another discussion regarding Medical Privacy which in the last couple of years seems to be viewed as less and less important.

Thai Visa Exemption Conversion to an O Retirement Visa?

A talk on Visa Conversion whilst in Thailand specifically into the O Retirement Visa category and whether it is possible.

US Immigration from Thailand: RFEs and NVC?

A quick update on the US Immigration Systemin that it is now starting to moving a little faster even though more RFEs are being requested and there are also more issues with NVC.

How Often Do Thai Business Visas Need to Be Renewed?

A talk on Business Visas in Thailand specifically the renewal thereof which is in fact dependent on the type of work authorization one has.


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