Contact Your Attorney BEFORE Contacting USCIS

Some insight on why it is not a good idea to contact USCIS before contacting your attorney

Are Border Runs a Thing of the Past in Thailand?

A brief discussion on whether Border Runs will become possible again in the future

A Thailand-China "Travel Bubble"?

Is there a possibility for the "Travel Bubble" between Thailand and China to come into effect any time soon?

Are Protests in Thailand Impacting the Thai Visa Extension Process?

A discussion on whether the protests in Thailand are having any effect on Thai Visa Extensions

What Do I Do After My K-1 Visa Is Issued?

A summary on the steps that need to be taken after a K-1 visa is issued

Thailand Travel: Should 72 Hour COVID Testing Policy Be Revised?

A brief discussion on whether 72 hours for the COVID test is a reasonable time frame.

What Is a "Sponsored Work Permit" for Immigration to Thailand?

Some insight on using a "sponsored work permit" to enter Thailand.

I-601 Waivers: "Extreme Hardship" and COVID-19

The possibility that COVID-19 could be a factor when processing an I-601 Waiver

Thai O-A Visa Holders: Extension and Border Run

Border Runs will probably not be an option for Thai O-A Visa Holders for the foreseeable future

Are Protests Affecting Visa Processing at Thai Embassies?

Is visa issuance at Thai Embassies being affected by the protests that are currently taking place in Thailand?


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