Will Medical Exams for K-1 Visas Change in the Post-Covid Era?

Information on visa processing for K-1 fiance visas.

Further Extension of Thai Visa Amnesty Apparently Conditional

Information about the extension of the Thai immigration amnesty.

The Thai Visa Amnesty is Not a Visa Extension

The current special dispensation for overstay in Thailand should not be viewed as a permanent extension of status.

"Travel Bubbles" Appear Set for September in Thailand

Information on the recent announcements regarding likely implementation of "travel bubbles" for tourists coming to Thailand.

3 Things to Watch Out for in Buying Thai Real Estate

Information for hose wishing to purchase property in Thailand.

Information on Inbound Immigration to the Union of Myanmar

Information on the immigration rules currently in force for Myanmar.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

Information on the Thai Mission to the union of Myanmar.

Laos Immigration Regulations in the Context of Thailand Border Runs

Information on the Lao immigration regime for those seeking insight for Thai visa run purposes.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore

Information on the Embassy of Thailand in Singapore.

The Royal Thai Consulate in Savannakhet, Laos

Information on the Royal Thai consulate in Savannakhet, Lao PDR.


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