Recent Developments with Respect to Work Permit Applications in Thailand

Recent regulatory changes with respect to work permits may prove problematic for those who have had a work permit in the past.

Naturalization to Thai Citizenship

The naturalization process to become a Thai citizen is time consuming in some cases rather trying.

Comparing the Elite Card and Permanent Residence in Thailand

There are significant differences between the Thailand Elite Card program and Permanent Residence.

How Criminal Proceedings Impact the Thai Immigration Process

Being charged with a crime can have immigration ramifications for those in Thailand and could result in future blacklisting.

Thai Visa Update: Overstay Enforcement Activity Increased

Immigration officers in Thailand are becoming increasingly diligent in efforts to curb illegal immigration in the country.

Thailand Elite Card: Elite Easy Access Membership

There are multiple categories under the Elite Card program in Thailand. The Elite Easy Access Membership is one of them.

US Visa and Immigration News: Trump's National Vetting Center

The Trump administration has announced the creation of a National Vetting Center.

Thailand Permanent Residence: Nationality Quotas

Nationality can be an issue for those seeking permanent residence in Thailand as there are quotas designed to restrict the number of people granted residency each year depending upon their citizenship of origin.

How Does a Prior Criminal Record Impact the US Immigration Process

Certain types of previous criminal convictions or even arrests can have a substantial impact upon an individual's ability to petitioner for immigration benefits.

Naturalization to US Citizenship: Impact upon Visa Processing Times

Naturalizing to American Citizenship can result in substantial benefits for relatives of American citizens.