Will New Thai Visa Rules Make Some Expats "Second Class Citizens"?

A discussion and insight on the new Thai Visa Rules that are being proposed for "wealthy" foreigners and some backlash from existing expats on this issue.

K-1 Visas: Court Dismisses Case Regarding Slow Processing

Some information on a recent court case pertaining to K-1 Visa processing times which has had a positive impact on pending K-1 Visa applications.

Freehold Foreign Land Title a No-Go in Thailand?

Some clarification with regards to ownership of land by foreigners in Thailand.

Which Foreigners, What Type of Thai Real Estate?

A quick discussion regarding recent proposals that have been put forward that appear to indicate that certain wealthy foreigners may be able to buy land in Thailand.

Will Thailand Go Through a "Zombie Apocalypse"?

Some insight with regards to tourism in Thailand and the hope that the situation is easing.

An End to Thai "COVID Visa" Extensions?

A talk on an article regarding Thai COVID visa extensions which indicate that these extensions may soon not be available.

Why Are Unelected Thai Bureaucrats Dictating Reopening Policy?

A discussion on countercurrents and pushback between the elected Government and the unelected sector with regards to the timing of reopening the capital.

Is a Step Down Quarantine Reduction Most Likely for Travel to Thailand?

Some information with regards to the possibility of reducing quarantine periods for vaccinated tourists coming to Thailand.

Do I Need to Pay Tax on Rental Income from My Thai Condo?

Some information regarding renting out a Thai Condo with regards to paying income tax which is in fact a requirement.

Are We Seeing the End of 90 Day Immigration Reporting in Thailand?

A discussion on new visas being proposed which will not require 90-day reporting and whether this will impact the 90-reporting requirement on some existing visas.


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