Nationwide Immigration Raids Continue in Thailand

Immigration authorities are continuing their enforcement activities in Thailand.

Obtaining a Thai Retirement Visa Extension with No Income Affidavit

As of 2019, income affidavits will no longer be available from the USA, UK, and Australian Embassies in connection with Thai retirement visas. Understanding alternative methods of extending such visas is important for those who use income affidavits.

Thai Immigration Streamlining Processing of Inbound Tourists

Incoming tourists to Thailand are seeing increasingly efficient processing through immigration checkpoints.

Obtaining a Thai Marriage Visa Extension Without an Income Affidavit

As it will no longer be possible to obtain an income affidavit in 2019, it is important to understand that there are methods of extending an O marriage visa in Thailand without such affidavits.

Are Thai Visa on Arrival Fees Being Waived?

Thailand appears to be waiving visa on arrival fees.

Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN Increases Amidst Trade War

As the tariffs and tensions rise between the USA and China, Thailand and Greater ASEAN seem to be the beneficiaries.

Thailand Immigration News: The End Of Border Runs

With changes to the Immigration regulations and the diminishing issuance of the Thai multiple entry visa the question can be asked: are border runs becoming a thing of the past?

Alternatives to Thai Retirement Visa Extension Applications in Thailand

As income affidavits and certified income letters are no longer being issued by the US Embassy and the UK Embassy respectively it should be noted that there are alternatives to seeking a Thai retirement visa in the Kingdom.