Free Thai Tourist Visas for Indian and Chinese Nationals?

In an effort to boost tourism, could Thailand eventually waive tourist visa fees for Indian and Chinese nationals?

Thai Immigration: Different Offices, Different Rules?

Although the law on immigration is uniform throughout Thailand, the discretion with respect to fact-finding and a certain localized administrative discretion on the part of Thai Immigration officers can create the impression that Thailand does not have a monolithic immigration structure.

Can a Foreigner Really Do Business in Thailand?

Is a business startup for a foreigner actually feasible?

The Thai O Marriage Visa Process in 2020

Information about the process of obtaining a Thai marriage visa in 2020.

Thai Immigration Crackdowns in 2020

Information on Thai Immigration enforcement activity at the beginning of 2020.

Fake Lawyers and U.S. Immigration Correspondence

Unfortunately, there are a number of fake lawyers and so-called "immigration services" and "visa agents" who cannot communicate with the Department of Homeland Security.

Thai Smart Visa Processing in 2020

The SMART visa program in Thailand has a number of benefits for foreign investors.

A Thai Elite Visa Is Not a Work Permit

Although the Thailand Elite Program offers many perks, the visa does not confer employment authorization in Thailand.

The IR-1 Visa Process in 2020

Information about the process of obtaining an immigrant spouse visa to the United States in 2020.


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