Wills for Married Couples in Thailand

A discussion on Wills in Thailand with a focus on Wills for a married couple who are both foreigners as opposed to a bi-national couple with on partner being Thai.

"Government 'Mulls' an End of Thai Pass as Tourism Sector Burns"?

A talk on the ending of the Thailand Pass which the Government has been contemplating for some time but has yet to make a final decision.

So We're Never Going to Travel Freely Because... Disease?

A discussion on disease which comes and goes but shouldn't be continually used to stir up hysteria.

Small Business Setup for Married Couples in Thailand

A discussion and some insight on owning a small business in Thailand as a married couple where one partner is Thai.

Are Thai LTR Visas a Reimagined O-X Retirement Visa?

A discussion on the proposed LTR Visas and how they compare to the rarely used O-X Visa.

Thai LTR Visas for Working Foreigners

Some more information on another category of the new LTR Visas that are being discussed but have not yet been promulgated.

Different Statutes Different Work Permits in Thailand

A quick talk on the different types of Work Permits in Thailand and some possible issues when changing from one type to another.

Thai Retirement Visas: Is the 800,000 Baht Method Bad?

Some thoughts on the issue of using a bank balance of 800,000 Baht in a Thai Bank in order to obtain and maintain one's Thai Retirement Visa.

Selling a Company in Thailand

Some insight with regards to the formalities that must be undertaken when selling a company in Thailand in order to ensure that one is no longer connected to the Company after the sale is completed.

Thai LTR Retiree Visas

Some information on one of the sub visas in the new Long Term Residence (LTR) Visa category which is being proposed and has yet to be promulgated.


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