Should Thailand Amend the Condo Act to Remove the Foreign Quota?

A discussion on the Condominium Act in Thailand and whether amendments should be made to allow more foreign ownership in each development.

If Thailand Reopens It Should "Stick"

Some insight with regards to the planned re-opening of Thailand on November 1 and the detrimental impact this would cause if there was another delay.

Thai Retirement Visas: Embassy Discretion on Financial Requirements

Some clarification regarding the financial requirements for Retirement Visas to Thailand focusing on O-A Visas from abroad.

Long Term Thai Visas Approved "In Principle"?

Some clarification with regards to Long-Term visas for Thailand which so far have been proposed only 'in principle'.

Is Thailand's Certificate of Entry Process "Complicated"?

A discussion and some insight on the Certificate of Entry process and how it can be cumbersome to deal with.

Property and Real Estate Planning Issues for Foreigners Married to Thais

Some information and insight with regards to property and real estate specifically options that are available to a foreign spouse regarding usage of property in Thailand.

Do "Quality Tourists" Grow on Trees?

Some insight on a recent article regarding tourists to Thailand and how the focus of the Government seems to be moving from quantity to quality.

What Vaccines Are Required for K-3, CR-1, IR-1 Visas from Thailand?

Some information regarding vaccines for COVID in the context of US Marriage Visas from Thailand.

Will Same-Sex Marriage in Thailand Be Legalized?

An update regarding the present situation on same-sex marriage in Thailand and if this could come about soon.

Thai Property Issues: Long Term Leases vs Holding Companies

A discussion with regards to use of real estate by foreigners in Thailand and which is the better choice between Long Term Leases and using a Holding Company.


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