What If Quarantine Is Re-Extended While I'm In A Thai ASQ Hotel?

Some more talks on quarantines in Thailand and the question of what would happen if the quarantine period was re-extended while one was still staying in an ASQ hotel.

IR-1 and CR-1 Visas from Thailand: NVC Processing and 221g Refusal

Some information on the visa process for IR-1 and CR-1 Spouse visas and the process at the NVC which results in less 221gs for these types of visas.

Could Foreigners Soon Be Allowed to Buy a House in Thailand?

Some information and insight on the likelihood of a foreigner being able to purchase a house in Thailand in the future.

Exchange Rate Impact on Foreign Retirees in Thailand

A talk on the present exchange rate and the positive impact it has for expats who are living in Thailand at this time.

Could 90 Day Reporting Be Ended for Thai Elite Visa Holders?

Some information and insight on whether it is possible that the 90-day reporting could actually be discontinued for the Thai Elite Visa.

International Port Health Control and Quarantine in Thailand

Some information on the system of processing international arrivals into Thailand which now includes additional checking of Vaccination Certificates.

Thai Foreign Condo Market "Quiet at the Moment"?

A quick discussion on the Condo Market in Thailand which is presently a buyer's market for those who are interested in purchasing a condo in Thailand.

Frustrations in the K-1 Visa Process

Some information and insight regarding the K-1 visa process at the present time which is now slowly picking up speed.

An Indirect Thai "Travel Bubble" with Australia and New Zealand?

Some more talks on the "travel bubble" with a focus on Thailand looking at a "travel bubble" scheme with Singapore which could extend to include tourists from Australia and New Zealand who have a "travel bubble" with Singapore.

Thailand Plus Contact Tracing App Unavailable?

Some information for those travelling in to Thailand regarding the Tracing App which may not work with some Android versions.


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