Mass Immigration Arrests Continue in Thailand

As changes to rules regarding financial evidence for retirement and marriage visas raids, arrests, deportations, and blacklistings contiue apace in Thailand.

Changes to Thai Retirement Visa Rules: A Second Look at Elite Status

The Thailand Elite program may look better to certain expats due to the changes to retirement visa regulations.

Do New Retirement Visa Rules Preclude Visa Conversion in Thailand?

The new rules regarding retirement visas may include provisions requiring those who wish to obtain a retirement visa to first obtain such a visa abroad before coming to Thailand.

Thailand Real Estate and Property: What Is Key Money?

An often posed question, especially in the context of commercial space: what is key money?

New Rules Regarding Financial Criteria for the Thai Retirement Visa

It has recently been announced that there will be stricter enforcement and new rules associated with applications to extend Thai retirement visas.

ในการสัมภาษณ์วีซ่า K-3 จะมีคำถามอะไรบ้าง?

เจ้าหน้าที่สามารถถามคำถามมากมายในการสัมภาษณ์วีซ่า K-3

การเข้าประเทศสหรัฐฯ: การ “อยู่ระหว่างการพิจารณาของเจ้าหน้าที่” คืออะไร?


Can I Use Copies of Documents in a K-1 Visa Application?

Many people applying for a K-1 fiancee visa are confused about documentation requirements.

The O-X Visa for Long Term Retirement in Thailand

For those with the financial resources it may be possible to obtain a 10 year retirement visa for Thailand.

Developments Related to New Copyright Regime in Thailand

Authorities are creating institutions to combat copyright infringement and secure intellectual property protections in Thailand.


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