Can a Foreigner Work in a Restaurant in Thailand?

Foreigners working in a restaurant in Thailand must be careful to avoid violating Thai labor law.

Tourist Visa Application Denial at US Embassy in Thailand

A substantial number of American tourist visa applications are routinely denied under section 214(b) of the INA.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: the Trial Phase

After initial matters are dealt with, criminal procedure in Thailand eventually come to the trial phase.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Entrance of Pleading

Those accused of a crime in Thailand generally need to enter a plea in response to the charges.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Courts Setting Bail

Once a matter has proceeded to a pre-trial posture a court in Thailand may make determinations regarding bail.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Police Investigation Phase

The police investigate criminal accusations generally prior to prosecutorial involvement.

Thai Criminal Prosecution: Prosecutor's Inquiry & Indictment

The initial phases of a criminal case involves investigation into accusations.

The Thailand eVisa System

It may be possible to apply and obtain Thai visas online.

Thai Visa Issues: Does a New Passport Mean a Clean Slate?

Obtaining a new passport can make Thai Immigration processing smoother, but it cannot cure substantial problems with one's immigration history.

Biometric Systems Rolled Out at Thai Immigration Checkpoints

Immigration authorities in Thailand using biometrics as a tool to discourage immigration fraud.


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