Tax Filings And Business Visas In Thailand

A talk on the upcoming change to the Thai Tax System whereby it may be required that expats will need to be issued with a Tax ID number which in fact, those in Thailand on a Business Visa already have.

Tourism A "Key Economic Objective" Of New Thai Government?

A talk on Tourism in Thailand which is one of the main points upon which the Thai Government is focusing as evidenced by the changes to the Visa Exemption Scheme.

A "Customer-Centric Approach" At Thai Embassies And Consulates?

A talk on a recently held forum in Thailand at which the Foreign Ministry urged the attendees which included Ambassadors and Consuls General to work proactively in a bid to expand the Thai Economy.

Estate Planning In Thailand: Wills And Taxes?

A talk on the topic of Wills and Estates in Thailand specifically in the context of the new Tax Law in Thailand and if this will impact such matters as transfer of property to a beneficiary via a Will.

New Thai Tax Rules Could Impact Condo Purchases?

A talk on purchasing a Condo in Thailand specifically in the context of the new Tax Rules which may have an impact on such a purchase when bringing in funds to pay for the Condo.

A New 90 Day Thai Visa Exemption Scheme?

An article regarding the Thai Government's plan to boost tourism after it was decimated by the government lockdown in response to the Covid Pandemic.

CR-1 And IR-1 Visas: National Visa Center And Tax Filings

A talk on Tax Filings which are an integral part of the Visa Process and therefore need to be kept up to date if one is petitioning for a US Spouse Visa.

Thai Work Permits And Tax ID Numbers

A discussion on the upcoming change to the tax regime may require expats to obtain a Tax ID Number which those with Business Visas and Work Permits will already have.

Thai National Police Chief Focusing On Illegal Immigration?

A talk on the Visa-Free Scheme which is being taken advantage of by Chinese beggars who are making money begging on the streets upon which the Thai Police are now cracking down.


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