Could Vaccination Become Mandatory for Thai Visa Extension?

Another discussion on vaccinations in Thailand and whether they will be needed by those who are applying for a Thai Visa Extension.

Advice for Younger Would-Be Expats in Thailand

A discussion aimed primarily at younger people who might be looking to eventually retire in Thailand and some steps that could be taken to facilitate that process.

Formalities and Requirements for Thai Company Maintenance

Some important things one needs to bear in mind when considering doing business, owning a Company here in Thailand.

Is Thailand Still a Good Place to Retire?

A discussion on various reasons why it is still a good idea to consider retiring in Thailand compared to other countries.

Is Buying or Renting a Thai Condo Better for Retirees?

A discussion and some insight regarding Thai Condos in the context of buying versus renting for foreign retirees.

US Tourist Visa Applications for Spouses of Americans

A quick look at US Tourist Visas and some misconceptions that people may have regarding applying for a tourist visa for the spouse of an American citizen.

Clowns to the Left of Thailand, Jokers to the Right...

Some insight with regards to how much of the whole world is dealing with the COVID situation in that many countries seem to have "lost their minds!"

Is the Thai Business Visa the "Gold Standard"?

A quick discussion on whether a Business Visa holder is considered a prioritized status in Thailand compared to other types of Non-immigrant visas.

Is Talk of Thailand's Nightlife Reopening Another "False Start"?

A discussion on a recent article which seemed to indicate that it could be possible that bars and pubs etc. may be opened earlier that originally planned.

I Have Filed for K-1 Visa Before, Can I Get a New One?

Some information regarding K-1 Fiancé Visas and limits regarding how many one can apply for.


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