2026 Before Tourism Recovers in Thailand?

A discussion on an article on the return of tourism to Thailand which has suffered a devastating hit from the recent pandemic.

Prior US Visa Refusal and ESTA Applications

Some information on using ESTA specifically for those who have previously been denied a visa to the USA

Are We Entering a "Dark Age" for International Travel?

Some insight with regards to travel in the future and whether the current strict requirements are going to still be part of travel plans.

The Only "Crack" in Thailand's Tourism Sector Is a Lack of Tourists

Some insight regarding the biggest problem in Thailand with regards to Tourism and the obvious solution to that problem.

Appointments for a CRBA at the US Embassy in Bangkok?

Some information regarding the process for CRBAs which has been facing some delays as the Embassies have had to put restrictions in place due to the response to COVID.

Vaccination and Thai Visa Extensions at Immigration

A quick discussion on whether or not a vaccination will be required for those obtaining different visa extensions at Thai Immigration.

"1+2+4Q" Quarantine in Thailand?

Some more information on yet another type of quarantine being proposed in Thailand specifically for islands and beaches in Krabi province.

"Sponsored" Thai Work Permits: Scrutiny for Nationality

Some insight on being cautious with regards to having a "sponsored" work permit especially if one is aiming to apply for Thai Citizenship in the future.

"Source of Funds" Issues for Thai Retirement Visas

Some information regarding Thai Retirement Visas and the issue regarding proving that one's income is coming in from abroad.

Thailand Maintains a Pro-Tourism Paradigm

Some insight with regards to Tourism in Thailand and the fact that tourism is being encouraged but public health must also be kept in mind.


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