The K-1 Visa: Is Employment Authorized?

Information about the K-1 visa and the necessity of labor authorization prior to adjustment of status

K-1 Visas from Thailand and Issues Regarding Advance Parole

A brief overview of the status conferred by a K-1 visa upon arrival in the USA and the benefits of advance parole

Thailand Corporate Law: Winding Down a Thai Company

When doing business in Thailand it sometimes proves necessary to wind down a company's operations.

US Visas, The Violence Against Women Act, and Lift of Conditions

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides beneficial options for abused spousal immigrants in the USA.

How to Transfer a Thai Visa From an Old Passport to a New Passport

Moving a Thai visa from a previous passport to a newly issued passport can be a rather complex endeavor

Thailand Corporate Tax Compliance: E-Filing Now Mandatory

E-filing of certain tax documentation in Thailand is fast becoming mandatory.

Marriage Registration at Thai Embassies and Consulates Outside Thailand

Thai Marriage registration at Embassies and Consulates outside of Thailand have different ramifications when compared to those registered in Thailand.

Surrogacy In Thailand

A discussion of the fundamental changes to the law in Thailand regarding surrogacy.

Is Thai Immigration Getting More Difficult?

In recent weeks and months Thai Immigration has tightened up enforcement procedures as well as rules regarding visas for those who wish to remain in the Kingdom long term.

Doing Business In Thailand: The Importance of Accounting Services

Information about tax and regulatory compliance issues for those doing business in Thailand.


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