Thailand Education (ED) Visas

The Thai Education visa, or ED visa, can be a very useful travel document for those wishing to study in Thailand.

Thai Mortgage, Lease, and Usufruct: The Importance of Registration

Registration of certain instruments pertaining to real property in Thailand is very important due to the formalistic nature of Thai law on the subject.

Thailand Drivers' Licenses to Be Upgraded for ASEAN-Wide Usage

Driving licenses in Thailand are to be upgraded in order to be used throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Cancellation of a Work Permit in Thailand

The circumstances under which a Thai work permit can be cancelled or revoked are important for foreign nationals to understand.

Buying a Thai Condominium

In Thailand, foreign nationals may take freehold title to a Condominium. However, there are certain prerequisites which must be met in order to meet the criteria of the Thai Condominium Act.

Possible US Visa Sanctions Against Cambodian Nationals

Certain restrictions have been placed upon US visa issuance for Cambodian nationals.

Music Licensing for those Operating Restaurants or Bars in Thailand

Those in the Food & Beverage or Entertainment business are usually well aware of the requirement that such operations obtain licensing to air music either "canned" or live.

Health Care Benefits Associated with a Work Permit in Thailand

Many of those who obtain a work permit in Thailand are permitted to enroll in the national health scheme.

Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Thailand?

Under Thai law, so-called common-law marriage is not recognized.

DHS Requiring Interviews in More US Visa Cases

In more employment based visa cases, Department of Homeland Security officers are requiring in-person interviews


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