US Visa and Immigration Law: What Is The National Visa Center?

The National Visa Center (NVC) is an organ of the Department of State tasked with acting as a document collector and clearing house for visa petitions and applications.

What is the Difference between Thai Business Visa and Work Permit?

There is some confusion about the difference between a work permit and a business visa in Thailand.

Labor Department Regulations Pertaining to Work Permits Changing

The rules and regulations pertaining to Thai work authorization are in a state of flux.

US Visa Thailand: Can Visa Approval Be Guaranteed?

In American immigration matters it is impossible to predict with certainty what the outcome of a given case will be. Therefore, those offering guaranteed should be scrutinized heavily.

Things to Think About Before Becoming a Teacher in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand can be rewarding, but there are many legalities to consider.

The US Visa Process: What Is USCIS?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) plays a key role in adjudicating US immigration petitions.

The Function of the US Embassy in the US Visa Process

The Department of State (and the US Embassies and Consulates under that department's jurisdiction) plays a key role in processing US visa applications.

Thailand's Eastern Special Economic Zone Act

The Eastern Economic Corridor has been a particularly high priority issue for lawmakers in recent months.

Thailand Business Visas Specifically for Teachers

Thai business visas for teachers have different requirements when compared to the general business visa.

Updates Regarding Thailand's Visa & Immigration Policies & Protocols

Updates regarding regulatory changes which will impact immigration and visa matters in Thailand.


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