Overstaying in Thailand: The Thai Immigration Blacklist

An overview of Thailand's Immigration blacklist and how overstaying in the Kingdom can result in blacklisting.

Prenuptial Agreements for Thai-American Marriages

A brief overview of the issues surrounding prenuptial agreements and how they operate in Thai-American unions.

USA Visa Denial and Section 214(b)

A brief discussion on US visa denials with a specific emphasis upon denials pursuant to section 214(b) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act.

K-1 visas for Fiances of US Citizens

A brief overview of the K-1 visa and how it functions to bring a foreign fiance to the USA.

K-3 Visas for Spouses of American Citizens

A brief overview of the aspects of the K-3 marriage visa for spouses of American Citizens

Permanent Residence in the Kingdom of Thailand

This article and video provides information about the process of obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence in the Kingdom of Thailand

Marriage in Thailand and the Immigration Implications

This article and video briefly discusses marriage registration in Thailand and the immigration benefits that can be obtained by a foreign spouse of a Thai national

Immigrant Visa Options For Spouses of Americans

This article and video provides information about immigrant visa options for spouses of United States Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents.

Things to consider before traveling to Thailand

An article which delves into the visa issues associated with Thailand. A good read for those thinking of traveling to Thailand and remaining long term.

Tips for Doing Business in Thailand

Interested in doing business in Thailand? This brief article and video provides good information for those thinking about setting up a business in Thailand.


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