Why a Local Registered Company Is Important For Those Doing Business in Thailand

A locally registered corporate entity is virtually a necessity for those foreigners wishing to do business in the Kingdom.

Thailand Work Permits: Corporate Financial Requirements

Financial requirements necessary to maintain a work permit in Thailand.

Is Online 90 Day Reporting Possible for Long Term Thai Visa Holders?

90 day address reports are required in Thailand. Can this be done online?

Thailand Immigration: Explaining the Visa Run

A Thai visa run occurs when an individual leaves Thailand in order to obtain a visa abroad.

Thai Labor Law and How it Impacts Employer-Employee Relations

The Labor code in Thailand has a tremendous impact upon how some businesses are run.

Thai Visa Runs and Embassy Holiday Closings

Information regarding visa runs to Thai Embassies and Consulates abroad and the implications of local and Thai holidays.

New Information Associated with the Thai Foreign Business Act

Recent high level discussions have revolved around changes to the FBA.

Is Financial Technology (Fintech) the Next Major Sector in Thailand?

Fintech has been the topic of intense discussion in Thailand.

The I-407 and Surrendering a US Green Card

Those wishing to relinquish their US Lawful Permanent Residence (aka Green Card status) must undertake the filing of an I-407.

Immigration Options for Step-Children of Americans: K2, K4, and IR2 Visas

Derivative visas offer immigration options for the step children of US Citizens.


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