Has the "Big Joke Era" Ended at Thai Immigration?

It appears that the former Immigration Chief in Thailand has been permanently transferred.

Thai Executive Business Visas: No Work Permit More Problems?

Although counter-intuitive, regulatory changes allowing for foreign nationals to be exempt from the need to obtain a work permit can have practically problematic implications.

Can I Appeal a Denial of a Thai Work Permit Application?

A Thai work permit application can be denied, and the denial may be subject to appeal.

What is the Process for Obtaining a Thai Work Permit?

Compiling a sufficient work permit application can require a great deal of preparation.

Work Permits in Thailand: What Is WP3?

WP3 is a Labor Ministry document pre-authorizing a worker traveling o Thailand.

Work Permits in Thailand: What is WP1?

WP1 is a Ministry of labor document pertaining to work authorization.

How Does Prior Tuberculosis Infection Impact the US Visa Process?

Prior TB infection can have ramifications for those wishing to immigrate to the USA.

Medical Exam Re-issuance Pursuant to Approval of an I-601 Waiver

If an I-601 waiver is ultimately approved there can be other steps needed to get the visa issued. In some cases, this includes obtaining a new medical examination.

Medical Examinations In the CR-1 and IR-1 Marriage Visa Context

Medical examinations are an important aspect of the American visa process.

Thailand O Visas: A Deeper Look at the Residual Category

The "O" Immigration category encompasses a large number of different types of Thai visas.


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