American Expat Taxes: What is the 1040 Form?

Americans abroad are required to file tax returns, the 1040 form is the main form for many Americans expats to perfect filing.

USCIS Increasingly Digital for Immigration Petitions

USCIS seems to be facilitating more core functions digitally.

Amnesty From Certain Thai Corporate Tax Penalties

Under a recently promulgated amnesty the Thai revenue department will waiver certain penalties and fines for tax liability under certain circumstances.

American Birthright Citizenship Is Not A "Legal Loophole"

Although often misunderstood, United States Citizenship gained solely from birth in the USA should not be viewed as some sort of legal #technicality".

Opening a Restaurant in Thailand

Information about setting up and running a restaurant business in the Kingdom of Thailand.

When Will the USCIS Bangkok Office Cease Operations?

There is some confusion regarding the exact date in which the USCIS field office in Bangkok will close.

Thai Consulate Savannakhet, Laos Sees Heavy Caseload

The Royal Consulate in Laos, once a rather sleepy Post, has seen increased activity in recent weeks.

All USCIS Overseas Offices Reportedly to Close by March 2020

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service has announced that there will no longer be any offices open after March 2020.

Thai Retirement Visa Insurance: Only for Applications Abroad?

Information about Thai retirement insurance for visa seekers at a Thai Embassy or Consulate overseas.

Thai Retirement Insurance: Does it Apply to Visa Extensions?

Information about whether the new rules regarding retirement visa insurance applies to those extending status in the Kingdom.


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