Thailand Immigration News: The End Of Border Runs

With changes to the Immigration regulations and the diminishing issuance of the Thai multiple entry visa the question can be asked: are border runs becoming a thing of the past?

Alternatives to Thai Retirement Visa Extension Applications in Thailand

As income affidavits and certified income letters are no longer being issued by the US Embassy and the UK Embassy respectively it should be noted that there are alternatives to seeking a Thai retirement visa in the Kingdom.

Alternatives to a Thai Marriage Visa Extension Application in Thailand

In the aftermath of the changes to rules regarding income affidavits for marriage visa extensions, it may behoove some people to look into alternatives to extending the visa in the country.

Thai Immigration Seems More Concerned with Illegal Employment

Immigration authorities in the Kingdom seem increasingly concerned with foreigners engaged in illegal occupations in the Kingdom.

Immigration Crackdowns Going Nationwide in Thailand

Thai authorities are expanding the scope of their Immigration activities to commence raids in areas of the country which have not previously experienced such actions.

Thailand Immigration's Operation Zero Overstay

Thai Immigration officials are seeking to deport and blacklist all of those on overstay in Thailand.

Thailand’s Personal Identification Blacklist Immigration Control System (PIBICS)

The Personal Identification Blacklist Immigration Control System appears to be an integrated initiative to combat transnational crime in Thailand.

Thailand Immigration's Advance Passenger Processing System (APPS)

Thailand Immigration authorities has implemented new measures to track and monitor those arriving and departing from the Kingdom.

US Embassy Thailand to No Longer Provide Income Affidavits for Thai Marriage Visas

The American Embassy in Thailand will no longer issue notarized income affidavits after 2018.

US Embassy Thailand to No Longer Provide Income Affidavits for Thai Retirement Visas

The United States Embassy in Bangkok has announced that notarized income affidavit issuance will end in 2018.