Assistance with 90 Day Reporting in Thailand

Those who remain in Thailand for prolonged periods should seek assistance with 90 day reporting.

IR-1 Visas: When Should I Change My Name?

Those traveling to the USA in immigrant spouse visa status sometimes need to deal with surname change.

Reworking of Hotel and Guesthouse Licensing in Thailand

Thai authorities have decided to provide an amnesty to allow hotel operators to come into compliance with relevant law.

Vietnam Has No Retirement Visa Similar to Thai Retirement Visas

Vietnam does not have a retirement visa as does Thailand.

Are Thai Immigration Checkpoints at Suvarnabhumi Airport "Hell"?

In recent months, some have complained about the ports of entry via Thailand's airports.

Vietnam Has Stricter TM30 Style Reporting Compared to Thailand

In many way, the Vietnamese address reporting scheme is as strict, if not stricter, than the Thai TM 30 reporting requirements.

What Are Thai Immigration Officers Doing at Border Checkpoints?

There is some confusion regarding the functions Thai border patrol officers are undertaking at Immigration checkpoints in Thailand.

Cambodia Unveils System Similar to Thailand's TM 30 Reporting

The Cambodian government has announced changes to reporting requirements for foreigners living in that Kingdom.

Assistance with TM 30 Reporting

The Thai Immigration form TM.30 must be filed in connection with address reporting of non-immigrant visa holders in the Kingdom of Thailand.

การตั้งครรภ์จะมีผลอย่างไรกับการยื่นการขอยกเว้น I-601



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