K1 Visa Thailand: Is Medical Insurance Required?

Information about the ramifications of the recent Presidential Proclamation on health insurance for K-1 fiance visa seekers.

K-3 Visa Thailand: Is Medical Insurance Required?

Information about possible new insurance requirements for American K-3 visas.

Statutes of Limitation (Prescription) in Thailand

Information about the Thai statute of limitation (referred to as prescription in Thai law).

Could Amity Treaty Companies Be Considered Exempt from US Tax Liability?

Due to the unique legal posture of Thai companies certified under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity, is it possible that some of these structures could be immune from some tax liability specifically targeting so-called "controlled foreign corporations"?

Immigration Watch List for Those Leaving Thailand

Many are aware of the blacklist precluding entry to Thailand, but less are aware that Thai Immigration monitors outbound travelers as well.

Company Names Versus Trademark in Thailand

Comparing the legal posture of trademarks and corporate names in Thailand.

Retirees "Grandfathered Out" of Thai Health Insurance?

Information about how retirees already in retirement visa status may be exempt from health insurance requirements in the future.

Thailand Retirement Visa Insurance Update

Information regarding recent rule changes pertaining to retirement visa insurance in Thailand.

Company Names in Thailand

Corporations in Thailand are governed by specific rules with respect to names.

Serving a Thai Prison Sentence in Your Home Country

Foreign nationals from certain countries may be able to complete their prison sentence in their home country rather than Thailand.


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