USCIS Bangkok No Longer Accepts Walk in Appointments

It appears that it is no longer "first come, first served" at USCIS's local office in Bangkok.

Does Thai Immigration Really Have a 100 Year Blacklist?

Immigration authorities, under certain circumstances, can ban a person from reentering the country effectively in perpetuity.

Medical Visas for Thailand

Information about lawful status in Thailand for medical purposes.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a CR-1 or IR-1 Visa?

Information about costs associated with immigrant spouse visas from Thailand.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a K-3 Visa?

There are a number of costs associate with seeking a K-3 marriage visa.

Can I Collect My US Social Security If I Live in Thailand?

Collection of Social Security benefits is a major concern for American retirees in Thailand.

Overstay and TM30 Continue to Concern Thai Immigration

Thailand Immigration Police are on the lookout for overstayers and stringently enforcing TM30 rules.

Chinese and Indian Tourists Still Need Thai Visas

It appears that although fees will be waived for Chinese and Indian visas on arrival in Thailand, visas will still be required for those from either country.

Why Do Different Thai Immigration Offices Have Differing Policies?

Although seemingly unitary, Thai Immigration policy can differ from office to office.

Update on Form TM30 and TM28 in Thailand

Further information regarding practicalities of dealing with TM30 and TM28.


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