Bankruptcy in Thailand: Governing Law, Legal Procedure, and Courts

The laws and regulations governing bankruptcy in Thailand were relatively recently enacted and are complex.

Thailand May Be Relaxing Foreign Business Restrictions in 3 Areas

Thai authorities have expressed an inclination to possibly relax certain aspects of the Foreign Business Act restrictions.

Is Age Difference an Issue in a CR-1 Visa Application?

A difference in age is a factor that will be scrutinized by an adjudicating officer of an application for a conditional resident visa.

Is Age Difference an Issue in an IR-1 Visa Application?

A difference in age may be analyzed by adjudicators of the IR-1 visa application.

Is Age Difference an Issue in a K-3 Visa Application?

A difference in age is not necessarily a disqualifying factor in a K3 visa application.

Thailand Retirement Visas: UK Embassy to Stop Certifying Income

The British Embassy in Bangkok have announced that beginning in 2019 they will no longer issue letters certifying income for use in retirement visa extension applications.

Thai Marriage Visas: UK Embassy to Stop Issuing Income Certification Letters

The UK Embassy in Thailand will stop issuing income certification letters beginning in 2019.

Comparing and Contrasting the K-1 Visa and the K-3 Visa

The K-1 and the K-3 visas are very different travel documents.

Changes to Visa Regulations for Same Sex Partners of Diplomats in the US

There are changes which will impact the same sex partners of diplomatic staff working in the USA.

Public Charge Rule Change May Impact Prospective Immigrant Visas

The rules and regulations underlying the I-864 affidavit of support may be changed and as a result it may change the way Immigration and Consular Officers adjudicate such matters.