Thai Immigration Officer Allegedly Issued Fake Visa Entry Stamps

Immigration authorities in Thailand are cracking down on visa fraud across the board.

Will Government Shutdown Impact the US Visa Process?

Although the shutdown is having an impact upon other government services the immigration system is largely unaffected, for now.

Duty Stamp for Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are specific duties related to various real estate transactions in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Condominium Transfer Fees in Thailand

Fees associated with conveyancing a condo in Thailand should be taken into consideration prior to purchase.

การยื่นคำร้องวีซ่า K-3 ด้วยตัวเองเป็นความคิดที่ดีหรือไม่?


Thai Visa Issuance Does Not Guarantee Entry to Thailand

A common misconception is hat a visa guarantees entry to a country. In Thailand, the Immigration officer at a port of entry adjudicates whether an individual, with or without a visa, will be permitted to enter the Kingdom.

Is there a minimum amount of funds needed to enter Thailand?

Those entering Thailand on visa exemption or tourist visas (especially after multiple prior trips within a given year) are well advised to be able to provide proof of ability to financially support oneself in the Kingdom.

Specific Business Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are taxes assessed on certain types of rental income in Thailand.

Lease Registration Fee for Property in the Kingdom of Thailand

There are registration costs associated with formalizing a leasehold in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Aspects of the US Immigration Process Becoming More Paperless

Changes to processing protocols at the National Visa Center are making the process more efficient


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