Do I Need a Work Permit to Work Online in Thailand?

There is some confusion regarding Thai regulations on working in the Kingdom in an online capacity.

Is Thai Immigration Starting to Soften Up?

It seems tourism concerns are having an impact upon Thai Immigration's enforcement attitude.

Easing Foreign Business Act Restrictions in Thailand

It appears Thai officials are relaxing certain prohibitions on foreign business activity in Thailand.

I-601 Waiver After Denial of a K-3 Visa Application

If a K-3 marriage visa application is denied by a US Embassy, then a remedy to the denial may be an I-601 waiver.

Health Insurance Certificate for Thai Retirement Visas

Information on retirement visa health insurance, and documentation associated therewith, in Thailand.

WP10 Temporary Work Authorization in Thailand

Those wishing to receive temporary employment permission must obtain a WP.10.

Now Is the Time to Rectify One's Back Taxes

It is never too early to get one's taxes in order.

I-601 Waiver After Denial of a K-1 Visa Application

A denial of a K-1 fiancee visa application due to legal grounds of inadmissibility may not be the conclusion of a case as the denial may be waived using an application for an I-601 waiver.

Work Permits in Thailand: Do I Need a Company?

Those wishing to work in Thailand must have a work permit sponsor. This can be difficult for those who are looking to start a business or be self-employed.

How to Set Up an Amity Treaty Company in Thailand

Information about registering a Thai company and getting it certified under the US-Thai Treaty of Amity.


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