Will Changes in Thai Government Impact Overall Immigration Policy?

The establishment of a new government in Thailand is unlikely to impact Thai immigration policies.

Thai Immigration Chief Seeks National & International Coordination

The new head of Thailand's Immigration Bureau (IB) is increasingly concerned with national and international cooperation.

Thai Immigration Seems More Focused On TM.30 Enforcement

Address reporting seems to be of increasing concern for Thai immigration authorities.

Royal Thai Consulate Denver, Colorado Now Walk-In Only

Visa applications filed at the Thai Consulate in Colorado must be filed in-person.

Thai Immigration Chief Notes Expanding Use of Biometric Systems

Biometric systems will be increasingly utilized in Thailand for admission.

New Thai Immigration Chief Looks to "Assist Good Tourists"

The current head of the Immigration Bureau has made comments noting a desire to aid genuine tourists.

Future Long Stay Tourists May Have Trouble Entering Thailand

Those looking to live in Thailand for prolonged periods on a tourist visa are likely to find it more difficult in coming months.

Will Thai Business Visa Applications Be Subjected to Heightened Scrutiny?

Some developments would suggest that business visas may be more stringently adjudicated soon.

How Many Smart Visas are Approved in Thailand?

There appear to be a fairly small number of Thai smart visas approved thus far.

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