What Should I Wear to Apply for my Thai Work Permit?

Attire can be important when applying for a Thai work permit.

How Administrative Processing Can Affect Medical Exam Validity

Prolonged administrative processing can result in a medical examination expiring.

How does HIV Infection Impact an Applicant for a K-1 Fiancée Visa?

HIV infection was once a legal ground of inadmissibility to the USA. This is no longer the case, but such an affliction can have a substantial impact upon one's case.

Do I Need to Keep My Thai Work Permit With Me at all Times?

Under most circumstances, foreigners working in Thailand should be able to present their work permit upon request.

What Happens if I Have Lost My Thai Work Permit?

Being without a Thai work permit while working in Thailand can have substantial ramifications even where it is simply lost.

Thai Consulate in Salt Lake City, Utah Closes

The Royal Thai Consulate in Utah announced closure in 2018.

Is a Consolidated Work Permit Database on the Horizon in Thailand?

It seems that officials in Thailand are taking a keen interest in data collection on foreigners working in Thailand.

What if my Bank Book is Lost or Stolen in Thailand?

Losing a bank book in Thailand can be a frustrating issue to resolve.

Thai Consulate in Portland, Oregon No Longer Allows Mail in Visa Applications

The Royal Thai Consulate in Oregon, USA will now only accept visa applications from "walk-in" applicants.

Thai Retirement Visas: Can a Visa be Revoked for Fund Deficiency?

If a person's bank balance falls below the requisite amount during a calendar year will this trigger an automatic cancellation of their retirement visa in Thailand?


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