What is the Land Office in Thailand?

The Thai Land Department is tasked with recording land title deeds as well as long term leases and other real estate instruments in Thailand.

Retirement Visa in Thailand: What is the Meaning of "Non-immigrant"?

A Thai non-immigrant visa does not attach permanent immigration status in the Kingdom.

Income Requirements for Thai Marriage Visa and Work Permit Holders

There are specific salary requirements for those holding a work permit on a Thai O visa based upon marriage to a Thai national.

Should I Transfer My American Visa to My New Passport?

Many foreign nationals who frequently travel to the USA ask the question: how do I deal with my old passport containing my visa?

A K-1 Fiancée Visa Is Not an Alternative to an American Tourist Visa

Although a K-1 fiancee visa may be sought by those who have been denied a tourist visa in the past. It should not be construed as an alternative, per se.

Thai Visa Overstay: Update on Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand

Information about the ongoing raids, arrests, deportation, and blacklisting associated with "Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner" and the "Good Guys in Bad Guys Out" initiative.

Thai Retirement Visas: Anecdotal Information on Rule Enforcement

Further on-the-ground information is coming in regarding the enforcement changes associated with Thai retirement visa extension applications.

Royal Thai Consulate Penang to Begin Online Appointments

The Thai Consulate in Penang, Malaysia has announced they will only accept online appointments soon.

Embassy Notarized Affidavits for Americans Marrying in Thailand

Americans wishing to register a marriage in Thailand must first obtain documentation from the United States Embassy.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen US Passport in the Kingdom of Thailand

Losing a passport, or having one stolen, can be a stressful issue for those traveling in Thailand.


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