What Is A Condominium Juristic Person in Thailand?

Information about the legal infrastructure of condos in Thailand.

K-3 Visa Thailand: Injunction Against New "Public Charge" Rules

There has been a hold placed upon recently announced public charge rules, for now.

Blacklisted How Long For 3 Year Overstay in Thailand?

What are the consequences of overstaying three years in Thailand?

What is a Limited Company in Thailand?

There is some confusion about exactly what a limited company in Thailand entails.

How Long Will I Be Blacklisted If I Overstay by Five Years in Thailand?

The amount of time one will be blacklisted from Thailand is contingent upon the amount of time one has overstayed.

K-1 Visa Thailand: Injunction on New Financial Support Rules

There has been an injunction placed upon recently announced public charge rules, for now.

Passports, Name Changes, Biometrics and Thai Immigration

Immigration enforcement in Thailand has been substantially augmented by technology.

What If I'm Arrested While on Overstay in Thailand?

There are specific consequences to an arrest while in overstay status in Thailand.

Thai Retirement Visa Insurance: Final Analysis Pre-enactment

Analysis of newly implemented Thai immigration rules on retirement visa status.


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