Overstaying Foreigners Should Leave Thailand Immediately

Due to recent proactive enforcement campaigns from Thai Immigration police it is advisable that foreigners overstaying in Thailand depart as soon as possible.

Tax Holidays for Companies Promoted by the BOI in Thailand

Some companies may receive exemption from paying corporate income tax in Thailand if promoted by the BOI.

Import License & Customs Exemption for BOI Companies in Thailand

There may be exemptions made to companies promoted under the BOI for importation and customs.

Rollover of Losses on BOI Companies in Thailand

Unlike other corporations in Thailand, a company promoted under the Board of Investment scheme may be able to use losses more efficiently to mitigate future tax liability of profits.

Foreign Remittances From BOI Companies in Thailand

Exemptions on outbound fund remittances from Thailand are one of many possible perks associated with Board of Investment promotion in Thailand.

For Illegal Foreigners in Thailand, "Big Joke" Is No Laughing Matter

Those staying illegally in Thailand are being targeted by the new Immigration Police Chief.

Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner Continues in Earnest

The operation to round up, deport, and blacklist overstayers an violators of immigration rules continues in Thailand.

"Tipping" Banned from Thailand Immigration Checkpoints

The practice of remitting a gratuity in order to expedite processing of immigration cases has ended.

Are Visa Extension Applications in Thailand Getting More Difficult?

It appears that applications for visa extensions in Thailand are being scrutinized far more carefully when compared to times past.

Thai Embassy, Kuala Lumpur: New Online Visa Appointment System

The Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia appears poised to introduce an online appointment system.