Extended Bar Closing Times Discussed in Thailand

Officials in Thailand are discussing extending the legal hours of operation of bars and pubs which are located on real estate in certain districts in Bangkok and Greater Thailand.

Immigration Doing More House Checks on Foreigners Living In Thailand

Thai Immigration Police are undertaking more inspections of foreigners living in Thailand.

Can a 5 Year Thailand Elite Visa Be Used for 6 Years?

Although a Thailand Elite Visa may be issued with a validity of 5 years it may be possible to obtain lawful status for longer than that period.

Thai Immigration Arresting Foreigners for Illegally Working

Immigration officials are becoming increasingly concerned about foreigners working illegally in Thailand and are making arrests accordingly.

How Much Does It Actually Cost to Get a K-1 Visa from Thailand?

Many people ask: what are the total costs to obtain a K-1 visa from my Thai fiancee?

Thai Corporate Accounting and Work Permits for Foreigners

Corporate maintenance is very important in Thailand as accounting and compliance issues can impact applications for Thai work permits.

What is the "Muay Thai Visa" to Stay in Thailand?

There are certain ED visas which can be issued to learn Muay Thai in Thailand.

Thailand Police Crackdown on Nominee Shareholders

Royal Thai Police are increasingly active in ascertaining nominee shareholders in Thailand as such shareholders are illegal.

TM30: Do Thailand Elite Visa Holders Need to File?

Some pose the question: do Elite Visa holders need to file the TM30 address notifications?

Hotline for Complaining About Thai Customs

There is a hotline for lodging complaints against the Customs Department in Thailand.


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