K-1 Fiancee Visas: When Should I Change My Name?

Changing a fiancee's name during the immigration process can have an impact upon various aspects of the case.

K-3 Visas: When Should I Change My Name?

After getting married, when is it an opportune time to change a name before the K-3 process commences?

What's the Difference Between IR1 and CR1 Visas for Spouses of Americans?

There is a fundamental difference between entering the USA in unconditional lawful permanent resident status versus conditional lawful permanent resident status.

A New Passport and a New Name Doesn't Fool Thai Immigration

The biometric detection tools and increased scrutiny at Thai immigration are having a meaningful impact.

Will the US Embassy in Bangkok Take I-407 Green Card Abandonment Filings?

It remains to be seen whether the American Embassy in Bangkok will begin accepting Green Card surrender filings.

Thai Immigration Chief's Number to Report "Inappropriate Foreigners"

The Chief of the Thai Immigration Bureau has announced a hotline for reporting foreigners behaving badly.

Medical Cannabis Thailand: How Does Licensing Work?

Information about new legal regime pertaining to cannabis in Thailand.

Thai Immigration's TM30 Enforcement: The Tax Connection

Those being required to file TM 30 may be unaware that the Thai revenue department may be as interested in the relevant information as Thai Immigration authorities.

Updates Regarding Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand

Thai Immigration continues their efforts to more strictly enforce immigration law.


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