COVID-19: Thai Immigration Policy on Permanent Residents Stuck Abroad

The Immigration Bureau in Thailand has made special dispensation for those permanent residence trapped outside of Thailand to maintain there immigrant status while abroad.

Making Thai Immigration Decisions Based on Information in a Forum

Information for those seeking Thai visa information.

Reopening a Thai Business in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Information on the formalities associated with reopening a company in Thailand after the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

K-1 Visas: Meeting with a Fiancée and the COVID-19 Crisis

Information on the statutory requirement that fiancees meet in person before being approved for a K-1 visa.

Waiver of Thai Immigration 90 Day Reports Extended Due to COVID-19

Information on the extension of the exemption from filing 90 day reports, due to coronavirus concerns, in order to maintain lawful status in Thailand.

The K-3 Spouse Visa Process and the Coronavirus

Information on K-3 visa processing during he COVID-19 crisis.

Many Thanks to American Citizen Services at the US Embassy in Thailand

A message of thanks to Us Embassy personnel for assistance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to Thai Immigration & Ministry of Foreign Affairs for COVID-19 Response

A thank you message to the Royal Thai Immigration Police and MFA.

COVID-19 Thai Visa Amnesty: Business Visa and Work Permit Issues

Information on the implications of the automatic visa extension, Thai business visas, work permits, and coronavirus.

Trump's US Immigration Suspension: Can I Still Petition for a US Visa?

Information on the Trump administration's temporary suspension of immigration for foreign nationals.


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