Should I Use a Visa Service to Apply for a US Tourist Visa?

An often asked question from those seeking visas in Thailand is: should we use a visa service?

Strong Immigration Enforcement Efforts to Continue in Thailand

Immigration appears poised to continue their heightened scrutiny of foreigners living in Thailand.

Politeness Matters at Immigration Checkpoints

Being polite to officers at ports of entry can make the difference between being permitted to enter a country or being deported.

Thai Immigration Chief Warns Against Illegitimate Visa Services

Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn warned foreigners of the dangers from utilizing disingenuous visa agents.

Authorities in Thailand Pass Legislation for Medical Marijuana

he Legislative Assembly in Thailand has approved legislation to permit marijuana use for medical purposes in the Kingdom.

ความต่างระหว่างวัยเป็นอุปสรรคกับการยื่นคำร้องวีซ่า K-3 (ประเภทคู่สมรส) หรือไม่?


US Visas and Immigration: National Visa Center Taking Digital Documentation

The National Visa Center is now allowing filing of supporting documentation digitally.

Thai Immigration Authorities to Begin Text Messaging Visa Expiration Alerts

Immigration officials in Thailand appear poised to begin notifying foreigners of impending visa expiration by text.

Restrictions on Cambodians Marrying Foreign Nationals over 50

Cambodia places restrictions on their female nationals being able to marry foreign men over 50. Such restrictions can have an impact upon Khmer nationals wishing to marry foreign men even in Thailand.

Getting a K-1 Fiancée Visa for a Cambodian and an American Over 50

Those wishing to bring a Khmer fiancee to the USA should be aware of the various age restrictions Cambodia has with respect to marriage.


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