New Mandatory Travel Insurance for Tourists in Thailand

There has been a newly proposed program to insure in-bound foreign tourists in Thailand.

Tourist Insurance Provides Insight for Retirees in Thailand

The newly announced plan to have all inbound tourist to Thailand pay into an insurance scheme can provide illumination regarding how the insurance scheme will look like for retirement visas.

ผู้ยื่นคำร้องวีซ่า CR-1 (ประเภทคู่หมั้น) ควรใช้สำเนาเอกสารประกอบการยื่นเรื่องหรือไม่?


ผู้ยื่นคำร้องวีซ่า K-1 (ประเภทคู่หมั้น) สามารถใช้สำเนาของเอกสารประกอบกำรยื่นเรื่องได้หรือไม่?


Will US Embassies and Consulates Accept I-407 Surrenders?

As USCIS will no longer accept I-407 filings abroad, will Embassies and Consulates begin accepting them?

Thai Hemp Business: Will Foreign Corporate Ownership be Possible?

In the future it may be possible for foreign nationals to have a stake in a Thai hemp enterprise.

Thailand Immigration: Can a Blacklisting be Appealed?

Those who have been deported and placed on the "blacklist" in Thailand may have few options to allow them to return.

US-China Trade War Intensifies in Southeast Asia

As he trade war continues, there have been ramifications in Southeast Asia.

International USCIS Offices Not Accepting I-407 Green Card Surrender

An announcement has been made that international office of USCIS will no longer accept form I-407 for abandonment of residence.


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