CR-1 Visas for Cambodians Married to Americans Over 50

Those looking to marry a Khmer national and seek a conditional resident visa should be aware of certain age restrictions.

Issues with Buying an Off Plan Condominium in Thailand

There can be specific problems associated with purchasing an "off plan" condo in Thailand.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana Appears Imminent in Thailand

It seems as though Thailand may have a legal medical cannabis regime in the foreseeable future.

IR-1 Visas for Cambodians Married to Americans Over 50

Those seeking an immigrant spouse visa for a Khmer wife may need to be aware of certain age restrictions.

K-3 Visa Issues for Over 50 Americans Marrying a Cambodian

For those wishing to get a marriage visa for a Cambodian, age can be a factor.

Conduct Property Due Diligence BEFORE Paying a Deposit in Thailand

It is very prudent for those looking at buying property or real estate in Thailand to conduct due diligence before any funds change hands.

US Immigration: What Is Administrative Processing?

Administrative Processing can be a frustrating and confusing aspect of the American visa process.

Immigration in Thailand Prepares to Fast Track Smart Visa Holders

Authorities in Thailand are making plans to provide expedited processing of SMART visa holders at Immigration Checkpoints.

Where Do I Pay My Overstay Fines in Thailand?

Many are confused about how overstay fines are paid as well as when and where they are paid. This video attempts to provide clarity.

Thailand Immigration Crackdown Update

Updated information regarding the crackdowns on illegal overstaying foreigners in Thailand.


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