Will the US Embassy Thailand Take Direct Consular Filings of I-130s?

Direct Consular Filings are filed at the discretion of the relevant Embassy or Consulate.

Thai O-A Visas Issued Before October 31 Used Thereafter

Information about the ramifications of new regulations regarding Thai retirement visas.

Royal Thai Embassy London Stops Issuing 1 Year Multiple Entry Visas

The Embassy of Thailand in London, England has stated that they will no longer routinely issue 1 year visas.

Thai Authorities Using Digital Tools Against Corporate Nominees

Regulators in Thailand are becoming increasingly sophisticated at ascertaining corporate nominees in Thailand.

Will I Be Blacklisted Overstaying Over 90 Days in Thailand?

What are the Blacklist implications for an overstay of more than 90 days in Thailand?

What Type of Insurance will Qualify for Thai Retirement Visas?

Speculation continues regarding the type of insurance which will qualify for Thai retirement visa status.

Thai Immigration Officials Try to Speed Up Visa Application Process

Immigration officers in Thailand are attempting to streamline case processing.

Thailand Condominium Act: What Is a Condominium?

Information about the legal definition of a "condominium" in Thailand.

Is It Possible to Get a Lifetime Work Permit in Thailand?

The notion of a "lifetime work permit" is almost a myth in Thailand.

USCIS Bangkok Not Accepting I-130 Petitions from October 18, 2019

USCIS Bangkok is no longer accepting I-130 cases.


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