Bangkok USCIS Office Stops Taking I-407 Surrender As of July 1, 2019

The USCIS offices outside of the USA can longer accept I-407 Green Card surrenders, also referred to as abandonment of residence.

Living in Thailand: Drafting a Will

Those foreign nationals living long term in Thailand should consider drafting a Will.

What Happens to an American's Remains if They Die in Thailand?

If an American passes away in Thailand there are specific protocols for dealing with such situations.

Will Insurance Be Needed for Thailand Elite Visas?

The Thailand Elite program provides a long term visa to members. Will those visa holders be required to have Thai insurance?

Thai Retirement Visa Insurance for Americans: FATCA Issues

Americans retiring in Thailand may use a foreign bank balance as proof of finances, but this may then require reporting of the foreign bank account to FinCen.

Immigration Raids in Thailand: Updated Information

Updated information regarding latest immigration raids in Thailand.

Overstay in Thailand on an Expired Passport

Overstaying one's visa in Thailand is enough of a problem, overstay on an expired passport exacerbates the issue.

Will Same Sex Marriage Be Coming To Thailand Soon?

Some legislators in Thailand have hinted that legislation for marriage be coming soon.

Biometrics Quickly Uncovering Thai Immigration Fraud

Biometric scanners being rolled out in Thailand have already uncovered individuals traveling to Thailand under false pretenses.

Insurance Coverage Gaps on Thai O-A Retirement Visas

As new rules are being promulgated requiring insurance for Thai retirement visas the question has been posed: will a "gap" in coverage adversely impact a renewal of visa status?


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