USCIS (American Immigration) to Close All Offices Overseas

It was recently announced that all USCIS facilities abroad are to be closed.

How Long Is A United States Tourist Visa Valid?

American tourist visas can be issued with differing validity.

How Long Will I Be Allowed to Stay in the USA on a Tourist Visa?

Those admitted to the USA on a B1/B2 visa are granted a finite period of lawful status.

Retirement Visas in Thailand: Retirees "Grandfathered" Into Status

Those who have been retired in Thailand for a prolonged period of time may find themselves "grandfathered in" to their status.

US Immigration Consequences of Same Sex Civil Unions in Thailand

Should Thailand legalize same sex civil partnerships, will it impact the process of obtaining American visa benefits?

Notarized Letter from the US Embassy for Thailand Driving License

A letter from the US Embassy is necessary to obtain a Thai driving license.

Is It Possible to Get a Second United States Passport?

Information about obtaining an ancillary American passport.

Do I Need to Use Originals or Copies of Documents in an IR-1 Visa Application?

Are original documents necessary to file an IR-1 visa petition?

Thai Bank Books in the Context of Marriage Visas

Bank books re an integral aspect of the marriage visa extension process.

Bank Books in the Context of Retirement Visas in Thailand

Bank Books are an integral part of the retirement visa extension process.


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