Thai Tax Forms: PND 54 Withholding Tax & Profit Remittance Return

The Por Ngor Dor 54 is used to remit and report certain types of withheld remuneration.

Thailand Tax Forms: PND 91 Personal Income Tax Form

Much like the United States, a yearly income tax return must be filed in Thailand.

Are K-1 Visa Denials Frequent?

A commonly asked question from Americans wishing to bring a foreign fiancee to the USA is: do these application often get denied?

Thailand Tax Form PND 50: Annual Corporate Income Tax

Thai Companies are required to file an annual audited corporate financial statement and balance sheet along with paying taxes.

Thailand Tax Forms: PND 51 Semi-Annual Corporate Tax Return

In Thailand, corporations are required to file both an exhaustive annual tax report, but also a semi-annual assessment of the company's financial status.

Thai Tax Form PND 2 Withholding of Corporate Dividends and Interest

The Por Ngor Dor 2 form is used to report earnings on corporate dividends and similar income.

Thai Immigration Form TM 25: Stay Pending Residence Determination

Those with a pending application for permanent residence in Thailand can be issued temporary status while the applications is being adjudicated.

Understanding the Terms and Restrictions of a Thai Visa

The information conveyed on a Thai visa can be confusing, but it can also be crucial to remaining in lawful status.

Thai Immigration Form: TM 30 Notification Form

The TM 30 form is used by those foreigners changing address in Thailand.

Thailand Tax Forms: Form PND 1 for Tax Withholding from Salaries

The Por Ngor Dor 1 is used when filing tax documentation pertaining to salary and payroll withholding.