Fee Changes for US Reentry Permits

Information about changes to fees associated with form I-131 and reentry permits.

Does the End of TM28 Mean the End of TM30 in Thailand?

With the end of the TM28 form in Thailand, is the TM30 still required?

US Immigration: Public Charge Rule and I-944 Form

With a new rule regarding public charge there comes a new immigration form: the I-944 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency.

Thai Immigration's New TM27 Address Reporting Form

With the demise of the TM28 form, a new TM27 form was created by officials at Thai Immigration.

Good News for Expats in Thailand: TM28 Finished

The TM28 form is no longer being used by Immigration authorities in Thailand.

Could All Foreigners Really be Kicked out of Thailand?

Is it within the realm of possibility that all foreign nationals could be removed from Thailand?

Immigrant Visa Applications at a US Embassy: New DS-5540 Form

Information about the new American immigration forms associated with the recently enacted public charge rule.

Government Fee Changes for the CR1 and IR1 Marriage Visa

Proposed rule changes could impact the fees associated with immigrant spouse visas.

Is the Term "Farang" Racist?

Some foreign nationals take offense at the term "farang," while others do not.

Government Fee Changes for the K3 Marriage Visa

Proposed rules would change the fees associated with the K-3 marriage visa from Thailand.


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