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Thai Immigration Looks "Backward" at Accounting Documents for B Visas

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Immigration, specifically discussing accounting documents. We are talking about this usually in the context of a Work Permit holder with a Business Visa or possibly an O Marriage Visa who is attempting to obtain a basic extension. Part and parcel of the application process for an extension is a whole host of documentation associated with a Business Visa.

The purpose of this video as the title suggests, Thai Immigration is looking backward over a certain period of time to ascertain whether or not basically the business is bona fide. They are going to be looking backward at a number of types of documents associated with maintaining Business Visa status. Just off the top of my head, things associated with tax payment; documentation associated with payroll; Social Security etc. and in a sense they are very much looking back. 

The reason I bring this up and the reason for the video is in many people's minds, matters pertaining to Visas and Immigration do not really connect with accounting documentation. Frankly we have an accounting division here at the firm and it basically formed directly as a result dealing with some of the Immigration issues on behalf of clients using other accounting firms that were just in some cases woefully unaware, sometimes I think intentionally unaware of how Accounting needed to be done, documentation necessary and in what time-frame documentation had to be produced with respect to a given Company in order to keep Visa and Work Permit issues in order to maintain that status. Again, I am not casting aspersions on any accounting firms, I am just simply saying their modus operandi, their M.O. is to do accounting work. They are not necessarily looking at the Immigration implications of having certain documentation processed a certain way or in a certain time frame they are simply looking at it "hey we do accounting" and this can cause problems. It is something to be aware of especially for those who are first timers, they are dealing with their first year or two perhaps in Thailand in Business Visa status, especially SMEs and startups. Not having one's documentation fully in order with respect to accounting documentation before filing for a Business Visa can cause really serious problems for folks looking to extend their status here in the Kingdom of Thailand.