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曼谷律师事务所 /  曼谷律师与法律服务

Integrity Legal 是全方位服务的律师事务所,位于泰国曼谷中央商务区。

Integrity Legal  由一位来自美国的授权律师创建,提供泰国和西方法律智慧的独特结合。

Integrity Legal 的泰国和美国律师、 法律和商业专业人士以及会计人员在以下领域为客户提供法律、会计、商业和咨询服务:


Integrity Legal的专业团队能够为每个客户的特定需求量身定制最优质的服务。我们的合格和经验丰富的法律,会计和业务专业人员团队致力于寻找最合理的价格和最有效的方式来满足客户的需求。



Corporate Services:

Our professionals handle matters ranging from routine company registration to advisory services on exceptionally discreet matters pertaining to Thai, American, and International corporate law and regulation.

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Immigration Services:

We provide a wide range of services for those seeking benefits pursuant to both United States and Thai
Immigration law.

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Family Law:

from estate planning to domestic law Integrity’s team can serve clients in the vast assortment of areas that the term “Family Law” comprises.

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Property & Real Estate Services:

Our professionals can provide assistance with matters such as property conveyancing and the drafting of instruments such as rental and/or lease agreements.

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Tax & Accounting:

We provide individual and corporate tax advisory services for matters arising in the jurisdictions of Thailand and/or the United States of America.

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Not all types of professional services can be defined within the specific parameters such as those noted above. This is especially true when matters arise where the unique laws of Thailand intersect with those of other jurisdicitions.

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Doing business with Integrity

Integrity legal 是一家提供全方位服务的国际律师事务所,为来自所有国家的客户提供服务,特别强调来自美国、欧盟、英国、澳大利亚、新西兰和东南亚的客户。

在美国和亚洲设有办事处: Integrity legal 是位置便利,可代表客户处理所有法律服务。我们唯一的目标是为客户提供解决方案和服务,以帮助他们取得成功。从公司服务和家庭执业到移民和房地产咨询,诚信法律可以为我们的客户提供全面的服务经验。



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