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About Integrity Legal

Although Integrity Legal (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is a law office in Thailand, the firm is more than merely that. In fact, Integrity Legal is a legal service network of Thai attorneys, American attorneys, international lawyers, paralegals, accounting service providers, and other professionals dedicated to assisting those wishing to conduct business or receive services in Thailand and the greater Southeast Asian region.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an organization which includes representatives from the nations of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Thailand is an integral component of ASEAN, as Thailand was a founding member of that Association. In 2015, it is expected that the ASEAN member states will come together to form the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). By 2015, it is believed that the member nations of ASEAN will implement policies so as to allow the region to compete in the global marketplace as a single integrated regional market and production platform. Integrity Legal’s team of professionals are pleased to be in a position to provide legal and consulting services to those from other ASEAN nations or from outside of ASEAN who wish to undertake business activities in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Those wishing to do business in Thailand are often interested in the types of corporate entities which may be available. In Thailand, there are a number of different legal structures which can be used to conduct business. Thailand company registration may allow one to setup a Thai limited company which provides a degree of limited liability to prospective shareholders. Some foreign companies simply wish to gain exposure in the burgeoning Thai market and for this reason foreign corporations sometimes opt to establish either a representative office or a branch office in Thailand. Meanwhile, in some circumstances it may prove beneficial for an enterprise to employ a Thai partnership structure to do business in Thailand. In Thailand, there are ordinary partnership structures as well as limited partnership structures. As in most other jurisdictions, it may be possible to operate a Thai sole proprietorship to do business in the Kingdom. Finally, there are some foreign individuals and corporations who wish to enter into a joint venture with a Thai enterprise. In the context of joint ventures, Integrity Legal can provide insight into how a joint venture agreement should be drafted in order to better optimize the future relationship. Foreign nationals and foreign companies should be aware that certain business activities are restricted by the Thai Foreign Business Act. Therefore, some companies may be required to obtain a Foreign Business License. American Citizens and American companies may be able to conduct business in Thailand, notwithstanding the foreign business act, pursuant to the provisions of the US-Thai Treaty of Amity.

Immigration and visas for foreign nationals wishing to live or work in Thailand is another area in which the team at Integrity Legal has a great deal of experience. It should also be noted that foreign nationals wishing to work in the Kingdom of Thailand are required to obtain a work permit in order to be able to undertake employment.

The professionals at Integrity Legal are more than willing to assist with any of the aforementioned issues as well as those issues which may be very unique due to the circumstances of the party or parties involved. Therefore, we ask that those interested in Integrity Legal’s services contact us to get a better idea of how we can be of assistance with:

  1. Thai Visas
  2. US Visas
  3. Thai Companies
  4. Thai Property and Real Estate Issues
  5. Thai Work Permit
  6. Prenuptial Agreements
  7. Marriage in Thailand

Integrity Legal is owned and operated by a licensed American Lawyer and staffed by Thai lawyers and legal professionals. It is always advisable to retain a competent lawyer for advice when seeking to make any major legal decision, this is definitely true in Thailand, a country with an entirely different language and legal history. Contact Integrity Legal now for more information.