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Criminal Law

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Criminal law issues can arise in what may at first seem to be seemingly innocuous situations, but the consequences of being in violation of criminal law can be dire. Moreover, those with previous outstanding criminal issues could be continuously in jeopardy of arrest. Therefore, it is generally sound advice to deal with a criminal matter as quickly as possible in order to forestall prolonging or exacerbating a legal issue.

Under the penal law one must meet the elements of a specified crime in order to be brought up on criminal charges. Thereafter, one may only be convicted of a crime after due process pursuant to the rules of criminal procedure of the jurisdiction in question. Depending upon the jurisdiction, due process of law may be qualitatively different when compared to the rules of procedure of another jurisdiction. Meanwhile, conviction of a crime in one jurisdiction may not be enforceable in the territory of another jurisdiction. Criminal matters pertaining to two different jurisdictions may require the undertaking of extradition proceedings in order to adjudicate the matter.

In Thailand, criminal matters are governed by the Thai Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. In the United States similar State and Federal codes define criminal activities. Although it should be noted that the jurisdictions of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand differ in a criminal context as the United States routinely employs the use of juries to adjudicate criminal liability while Thailand has no jury system and judges in Thailand exclusively make determinations regarding the criminal liability of defendants.

Integrity Legal’s staff can provide assistance to those with matters involving criminal law in both the Kingdom of Thailand and the United States. Our team has provided representation and attorney assistance for clients in Thailand, the USA, and abroad. Dealing with a criminal matter swiftly and effectively is the best course of action to ensure future peace of mind.

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