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Immigration Services

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Integrity Legal provides a wide range of immigration services in Thailand & the United States. Our staff guide our clients toward visa, residence, and other immigration options which most suit each client’s specific needs.

Each country has a specific set of immigration rules and regulations. Meanwhile each passport holder has a specific set of immigration and emigration options depending upon the relationships that passport holder’s country maintains with other countries around the world. For example, the holder of an Irish passport has a very different set of rights, privileges, immunities, and benefits in the European Union when compared with a person holding a United States passport in the same jurisdiction.

In Southeast Asia, the emergence of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has created a regional area in which passport holders from countries within the organization have markedly different rights and privileges with respect to immigration compared to passport holders from jurisdictions outside of the AEC. In many ways there are benefits to be gained for those hailing from inside of the ASEAN Community and those originating outside of ASEAN. That stated, fully assessing one’s choices can be time consuming especially in light of the complexity of national immigration laws let alone the regulations pertinent to regional jurisdictions.

Integrity Legal was founded by an American attorney who has practiced Immigration law in Bangkok, Thailand for over 10 years. The Integrity Legal staff is well equipped to provide support services for immigration and visa matters for those wishing to relocate to the Kingdom of Thailand. Furthermore, our staff can assist those wishing to obtain visas or assess immigration options for the other jurisdictions within the ASEAN Community. Integrity Legal is well placed to provide a one stop service for virtually any immigration matter arising in Southeast Asia.

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