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In many ways, American immigration law seems deceptively simple. In fact, most believe that it is just a matter of “filling out forms”. In some cases this may seem true. However, the seemingly “easy” process of bringing a foreign national the United States of America belies a great mass of relevant laws, regulations, codes, and discretionary powers of various officials involved in cases pertaining to prospective United States Immigrants.

In a large number of American immigration cases the system processes the case routinely and many people experience a very similar process. Concurrently, there are a minority of visa seekers who have difficulty at one or many phases of the process. As there are two different governmental Departments involved in the process (the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State), and various agencies thereof, along with an interview process which occurs overseas at a United States Embassy abroad, there are many opportunities for the overall case experience to vary from one individual case to the next. Therefore having the assistance of a firm which has specialized in United States immigration can be a benefit to clients as an experienced immigration lawyer can provide insight and guidance when an anomaly occurs in a given case.

Integrity Legal’s Managing Director, Benjamin W. Hart, is a licensed attorney from the United States of America and has been living and practicing U.S. Immigration law in Southeast Asia for many years. He has experience representing clients before both the Department of State and Homeland Security along with specific experience representing clients before visa sections of United States Consulates in Southeast Asia, including; but not limited to: the US Embassy in Vientiane Laos, the US Embassy in Bangkok Thailand, the US Embassy in Phnom Penh Cambodia, and the US Embassy in Yangon Myanmar (sometimes referred to as Rangoon Burma).

Integrity Legal’s staff has long experience dealing with documentation necessary for U.S. immigration and can provide Thai-English and English to Thai translations where necessary. Translations for similar documents in languages such as Lao, Khmer, Bhasa, and Burmese can also be produced within a very quick period of time. In short, Integrity Legal can provide unparalleled service in the field of U.S. Immigration from Southeast Asia.

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