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Family Law Services

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The term “Family Law” includes a very significant swath of jurisprudence. Although often viewed as simply those laws which pertain to marriage and divorce, for all practical purposes family law is a substantial field of practice. Matters undertaken by our firm can have implications upon the lives of our clients’ families and therefore we strive to provide the most reasonably priced high quality legal service to ensure our clients’ needs are quickly and efficiently met.

An area such as immigration law may not seem, at first glance, to be family law. However, when a client is awaiting the processing of their spouse’s visa application the outcome of the case has a great deal more personal import when compared to the processing of a routine business visa. Meanwhile, the drafting of a will is not simply a matter of making a decision regarding asset distribution. Instead, such issues are important matters regarding the legacy left behind for loved ones.

Integrity Legal can provide services such as: will drafting, prenuptial agreement drafting and/or registration, advisory and assistance with marriage or divorce registration in Thailand, as well as assistance with Thai and U.S. family visa applications for fiancées and spouses of American Citizens and Lawful Permanent residents. Our staff is well-versed in the relevant laws which impact the day to day events in our clients’ lives and the lives of their families.

Family law is a serious field of practice as the legal matters dealt with pursuant to family law could be said to “hit home”. Therefore, it stands to reason that those seeking legal assistance in such affairs should conduct extensive research and find the best possible advice and representation for such matters. We at Integrity Legal are confident that our team can provide the best possible legal service in the area of family law at the most reasonable cost.

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