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Thai Immigration Services

At one time, Thai immigration law was regarded by some foreign nationals as a pro forma exercise with very little negative ramification for failure to adhere to relevant regulations. However, since March 20, 2016 Thai immigration officials are taking a tougher stance when it comes to enforcement of immigration rules. For example, those in Thailand overstaying their visa for a period exceeding 90 days could find themselves banned from reentering the country for a year. Meanwhile, those who are apprehended by police while overstaying by more than a day could be deported and barred from reentering the country for as long as 5 years.

Clearly, Immigration law has become a serious matter in the Kingdom of Thailand. Integrity Legal’s staff has dealt with immigration matters for years. Our Managing Director is a foreign national who has maintained his lawful status within the jurisdiction of Thailand for nearly 10 years. Our firm is well qualified to handle any type of immigration matter arising for a foreign national wishing to remain in the Kingdom.

Like many countries, Thai immigration law provides many different types of visa categories for foreign nationals depending upon their specific circumstances. Retirees, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, students, media content providers, and family members of Thai nationals can all find a visa which will allow them to remain in Thailand for substantial periods of time. Meanwhile, Integrity Legal can also assist in obtaining a work permit for those wishing to work in Thailand as work authorization and immigration benefits are separately dealt with under Thai law. Those currently reading this outside of Thailand are well advised to contact our staff before departing your country of origin as there may be more immigration options available in one’s home country.

Let the experienced and efficient staff at Integrity Legal assist you, your loved one, or your business associates in navigating the often confusingly complex framework of Thai immigration and law.

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