Will Same Sex Marriage Be Coming To Thailand Soon?

Some legislators in Thailand have hinted that legislation for marriage be coming soon.

Biometrics Quickly Uncovering Thai Immigration Fraud

Biometric scanners being rolled out in Thailand have already uncovered individuals traveling to Thailand under false pretenses.

Insurance Coverage Gaps on Thai O-A Retirement Visas

As new rules are being promulgated requiring insurance for Thai retirement visas the question has been posed: will a "gap" in coverage adversely impact a renewal of visa status?

The US-Thai Treaty of Amity: A Refuge from the Trade War?

Information about the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and the USA and how it may benefit those trying to do business during the "Trade War".

Foreign Health Insurance for Thai Retirement Visas

There are many questions surrounding the issue of whether foreign insurance policies will be acceptable for Thai Immigration purposes.

What is the Thai Tax Clearance Certificate?

Foreigners earning money in Thailand may be prudent to understand how the Thai tax clearance system operates.

IRS Form 2555 and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)

Information about foreign earned income and exemptions for Americans living and working abroad.

Do New Insurance Rules Apply to Thai Marriage Visas?

There have been many questions raised regarding the new insurance rules for foreigners in Thailand and the application to marriage visas.

US Immigration Form Complexity Causing Delays in Processing?

It appears that the increasingly cumbersome nature of American immigration forms are causing processing delays.


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