US Marriage Visa (K-3, CR-1, IR-1) Expiration Dates

A brief reminder to those who have a US Marriage visa to be aware of the expiration date by which date the visa must be used.

What Is the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT)?

A brief explanation on the Tourism Council of Thailand and their role when compared to the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Do I Need a Work Permit to Deal with Bitcoin in Thailand?

Some information and insight on dealing with Bitcoin in Thailand and whether one needs a Work Permit to do so.

Why Did I Only Get 90 Days on My 1 Year Thai Business Visa?

Some clarification on the reason why a Thai Business Visa holder is only given 90 days status upon entry into Thailand

Thailand Eager to Open Borders?

A discussion on whether Thailand is actually planning to open her borders up to travelers.

K-1 Visa Thailand: Issues Regarding Cannabis

A discussion on Cannabis in Thailand and restrictions which are still in place in the US with a focus on K-1 Visas

Could a Return of "Cheap Thailand" Be the Upshot of COVID?

A quick discussion on whether there could be a "silver lining" from the response to COVID which has brought down costs in Thailand.

Mutant COVID to Trigger 21 Day Quarantine in Thailand?

A discussion and insight into whether the mutant strain of COVID could have any effect on the quarantine period here in Thailand.

Has the "2 Week Millionaire" Era Ended in Thailand?

A brief discussion on the tourists or "2 week millionaires" and if they will return to Thailand in the future.

Deportation from Thailand: Where Can I Go?

A discussion on what choice of destination one may have if being deported from Thailand


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