Is Thailand Legalizing Casinos?

This discussion goes into legalizing gambling in Thailand for which the Government has in principle approved the idea of setting up 20 Casino complexes in Thailand.

Are Foreigners In Thailand "On Parole"?

This talk provides an explanation as to why being in Thailand on a Tourist Visa has less requirements than the long-term/annual visas such as the Retirement Visa.

Thai "Senate Passes" Marriage Equality Bill?

This talk provides good news on Marriage Equality in Thailand for which the Bill will be announced in the Royal Gazette after receiving Royal assent.

The Foreign Ministry Is Not The Same As Immigration In Thailand?

This talk goes into how the Foreign Ministry differs from Thai Immigration specifically as it relates to policies and rules regarding visas, visa issuance and visa extensions.

"The Number Of Psychiatric Patients Has Not Increased" Since Thai Cannabis Legalization?

This is a talk that goes into the notion that the number of patients with psychiatric problems has increased due to Cannabis which may actually not be the case.

Should Marriage Equality Be Conflated With "Other Benefits" In Thailand?

This talk goes into the issue of the rights that will be given to people of the same sex once they get married of which the "right" to adopt children should not actually be seen as a "right" in any situation.

Collapse Of "German Travel Giant" Impacts Thailand?

This talk goes into a recent incident regarding a tour operator in Germany which sends large volume of tourists to Thailand that has had huge losses followed by its collapse.

The Importance Of "Bottom-Up" Law When Regulating Thai Cannabis Use?

This talk again goes into the issue of Cannabis specifically that the Government is proposing to unilaterally relist it, when in fact any decision should be made through due legislative process.

Another Look At K-1 And K-3 Visas?

This is another talk on the K-1 and K-3 Visas both of which circumvent the National Visa Center but have to deal with Adjustment of Status when in the US.

"Big Joke" Returns To The Royal Thai Police?

This is another talk regarding 'Big Joke' who is stating that his dismissal was procedurally incorrect.


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