Is the Thai TM6 Arrival/Departure Card Gone Forever?

A discussion on the Arrival/Departure Card which is required to enter and exit Thailand but is being halted temporarily in order to make airport procedures less cumbersome for the moment..

"Big Joke" and Thai Law Enforcement's Excellent Adventure

An update on "Big Joke", a well known figure in the Thai Police Force who is now taking a proactive approach to Law Enforcement in general in much the same was as he did with Immigration matters.

Thailand "Officially Drops" Masks?

Some news regarding the easing of the restrictions in Thailand one of which was the Mask Mandate which has now been dropped and mask wearing is now voluntary.

Business Opportunities in Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor?

A quick discussion for those who are interested in doing business in Thailand and some insight regarding the EEC which is an area with major economic potential.

Tourism Revival in Thailand?

A discussion regarding the easing of restrictions in Thailand which should hopefully bring in more tourists in the very near future.

Freehold Land Title for Thai LTR Visa Holders?

Some more information regarding the soon to be brought on line LRT Visa and some insight regarding whether the Visa holders can have rights in freehold land.

Is a Thai Real Estate Holding Company Worth It?

A discussion on issues to be considered if one is thinking of setting up a Holding Company in order to buy real estate in Thailand.

Different Voices on Thai Immigration Policy?

A discussion and some insight on Thai Immigration Policy Process which seems convoluted at the outset until the finalized rule comes down.

Random ATK Testing for Arrivals in Thailand?

An update on the entry barriers to Thailand which have now been lifted for Vaccinated Persons who have their Vaccination Certificates or those who have the required Antigen Test Results.

Are Thai Business Visas Different for Teachers?

Some information on Thai Business Visas which in Thailand, have more than one category with different documentation for each category.


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