5 Thai Visa Misconceptions

Some information to clarify certain misunderstandings with regards to Thai Visas and also a Thai Work Permit.

The "Samui Sandbox" as an Alternative to Phuket

Some information on another option for those who wish to come to Thailand which is the Samui Sandbox which is providing a similar plan to the Phuket Sandbox.

A New Thai Visa for "Rich Global Citizens"?

Thailand is looking into ways to expand visa categories in order to offer longer stay visa options for Expats.

5 Misconceptions About American Visas from Thailand

Some clarification regarding certain beliefs with regards to various aspects of US Visas some of which may have unwanted consequences.

Is Condescension One of the Cs in CCSA?

A general discussion and some insight on the general attitude that policy makers seem to have towards the public during this present COVID-19 situation.

Foreign Home Ownership in Specifically Reserved Areas in Thailand?

A discussion on some changes that are being considered with regards to the possibility that foreigners may be permitted to buy homes in certain specific housing estates in Thailand.

Recommendations for Attracting More Retirees to Thailand

A discussion on some suggestions on ways which may help in encouraging more foreigners to choose Thailand as a place to retire.

Thai Police Clearance for Third Country Nationals

Some information regarding obtaining a police clearance in Thailand for a third country national.

"Wuhan Style" Lockdown Is the Last Thing Thailand Needs

A discussion on the continued lockdowns and whether it would be more beneficial to the country if some other methodologies were considered.

Nationality Issues with Thai Certificates of Entry

Some information regarding those who have dual nationality and some issues that could arise with regards to the Certificate of Entry which is needed to enter Thailand.


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