Marriage in Thailand and the Immigration Implications

This article and video briefly discusses marriage registration in Thailand and the immigration benefits that can be obtained by a foreign spouse of a Thai national

Marriage Registration at Thai Embassies and Consulates Outside Thailand

Thai Marriage registration at Embassies and Consulates outside of Thailand have different ramifications when compared to those registered in Thailand.

Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan and Germany: Could Thailand Be Next?

Jurisdictions such as Taiwan and Germany have made dramatic changes to laws with respect to same sex marriage. Could Thailand, historically very accepting of the LGBT community, be next?

Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Thailand?

Under Thai law, so-called common-law marriage is not recognized.

Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand involves the registration of the marriage at a Thai civil registrar office. The celebration of the marriage is largely irrelevant to the legal stature of the registered union.

Thailand Immigration: Thai Marriage Visas

After registering a marriage to a Thai national it may be possible to obtain a marriage visa based upon said marriage.

Are Fingerprints and a Police Clearance Needed to Marry in Thailand?

There have been reports indicating that authorities in Thailand may begin requiring foreign men marrying Thai women to first obtain a police clearance and may be required to provide fingerprints.

Will Thailand Legalize Same Sex Civil Unions by the End of the Year?

It is possible that Thailand may see same sex civil unions legalized shortly.

Wedding Ceremonies Compared to Marriage Registration in Thailand

There are substantial differences between the legal ramifications of a marriage registration in Thailand and a marriage ceremony.

Same-Sex Civil Union Law may be Enacted in Thailand Soon

Civil Unions for the LGBT community in Thailand may soon be a reality.