Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Judges and Juries

When comparing the Thai and American criminal justice systems it is notable that only one of these systems utilizes juries to make findings of fact and conclusions of law.

The Unique Aspects of Private Criminal Actions in Thailand

Unlike virtually any other jurisdiction, the Thai criminal justice system allows for individuals to bring private criminal actions against other individuals or legal entities.

Royal Thai Gazette Announcement Regarding Asset Forfeiture in Thailand

A recent announcement regarding asset seizure in Thailand came via the Royal Thai Gazette.

Discussion of the Death Penalty in Thailand

The death penalty is rarely utilized, although still legal, pursuant to Thai criminal statutes.

Heightened Surveillance of Foreigners in Thailand: Immigration Implications

Expanded programs to track foreign nationals in Thailand along with technological improvements will likely have ramifications in the Immigration sphere.

Authorities in Thailand Seek to Encourage More Law and Order

In recent weeks it is becoming increasingly clear that Thai criminal justice officers are expending time and resources on deterrence of crime.

Extradition and Expedited Deportation from Thailand

Foreign criminals apprehended in Thailand may be extradited and deported in order to face charges in another jurisdiction.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Police Investigation Phase

The police investigate criminal accusations generally prior to prosecutorial involvement.

Thai Immigration Arresting Foreigners for Illegally Working

Immigration officials are becoming increasingly concerned about foreigners working illegally in Thailand and are making arrests accordingly.

Improved Thai Criminal Justice Database Comes Online

A new digital database for keeping tracking of criminal case progression has come online in Thailand.