What is the Function of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Thailand?

A concise overview of the responsibilities and functions of criminal attorneys in Thailand.

Bail and Bail Bonds in Bangkok, Thailand

This article and video explores the issues surrounding bail and bail bonds in the context of Thai criminal law.

Is Gambling Legal in Thailand?

Information about gambling and gaming law in Thailand.

Surrogacy, Customs, Criminal law in Thailand

Surrogacy, once a common practice in Thailand, is now commonly associated with customs issues and criminal penalties.

Information Regarding the New Customs Act in Thailand

Authorities in Thailand have updated and re-codified many aspects of the customs laws.

Recently Promulgated Labor Ministry Work Permit Penalties Under Review

The Thai Ministry of Labor recently promulgated new rules, fines, and penalties associated with work authorization, or lack thereof, in Thailand. A moratorium has been placed on these rules and they are being reviewed before further enactment.

Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Judges and Juries

When comparing the Thai and American criminal justice systems it is notable that only one of these systems utilizes juries to make findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Plea Bargain

The Thai criminal justice system does not allow plea bargaining in the same manner as the US system.

Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Precedent

Criminal jurisprudence, unlike American jurisprudence, does not routinely utilize precedent when making findings of fact and conclusions of law.

The Unique Aspects of Private Criminal Actions in Thailand

Unlike virtually any other jurisdiction, the Thai criminal justice system allows for individuals to bring private criminal actions against other individuals or legal entities.