Marriage in Thailand and the Immigration Implications

This article and video briefly discusses marriage registration in Thailand and the immigration benefits that can be obtained by a foreign spouse of a Thai national

Prenuptial Agreements for Thai-American Marriages

A brief overview of the issues surrounding prenuptial agreements and how they operate in Thai-American unions.

Surrogacy In Thailand

A discussion of the fundamental changes to the law in Thailand regarding surrogacy.

Marriage Registration at Thai Embassies and Consulates Outside Thailand

Thai Marriage registration at Embassies and Consulates outside of Thailand have different ramifications when compared to those registered in Thailand.

Thailand Prenuptial Agreements: Formalities and Attorney Review

Information regarding how prenuptial agreements require certain formalities in Thailand.

Same Sex Marriage in Taiwan and Germany: Could Thailand Be Next?

Jurisdictions such as Taiwan and Germany have made dramatic changes to laws with respect to same sex marriage. Could Thailand, historically very accepting of the LGBT community, be next?

Can Legal Service Results Be Guaranteed?

Outcomes in legal proceedings are difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee.

Legitimizing a Child in Thailand

Although an archaic notion in many common law or western legal traditions, Thailand still differentiates between illegitimate and legitimate children. However, children born out of wedlock can be legitimized legally in Thailand by undertaking certain formalities.

Is Common Law Marriage Recognized in Thailand?

Under Thai law, so-called common-law marriage is not recognized.

Issues Involving Child Custody in Thailand

A significant issue that arises with respect to divorce in Thailand involves determining child custody.