Bail and Bail Bonds in Bangkok, Thailand

This article and video explores the issues surrounding bail and bail bonds in the context of Thai criminal law.

Comparing the Bail Systems in Thailand and the USA

The system of adjudicating bail differs between the USA and Thailand.

Royal Thai Gazette Announcement Regarding Bail Bonds in Thailand

A recent announcement in the Royal Thai Gazette discusses bail and bail bond procedures in Thailand.

How Criminal Proceedings Impact the Thai Immigration Process

Being charged with a crime can have immigration ramifications for those in Thailand and could result in future blacklisting.

Arrest, Detention, and Bail in the Kingdom of Thailand

Getting arrested or detained in Thailand can be a difficult experience, bail may be one means of mitigating some of the difficulty associated with the Thai Criminal Justice system.

Can Someone Be Arrested for Harboring an Illegal Alien in Thailand?

As recent Immigration raids in Thailand haev intensified, those found to be aiding and/or abetting illegal aliens have found themselves detained.

If I have a Criminal Record will I be Denied Entry to Thailand?

Those with a criminal history may be refused entry to Thailand.

Criminal Prosecution in Thailand: Courts Setting Bail

Once a matter has proceeded to a pre-trial posture a court in Thailand may make determinations regarding bail.

Increasing Cooperation from Thai Police on Extradition

Royal Thai Police are becoming more engaged with foreign police departments on issues surrounding extradition from the Kingdom.

Thailand Cracking Down on Foreigners Working Illegally

It appears that officials in Thailand are increasingly concerned with those working illegally in Thailand.