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Can Someone Be Arrested for Harboring an Illegal Alien in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be talking about harboring illegal aliens here in the Kingdom.

I made this video because I was reading an article that I went ahead and made another video on which is regarding Immigration Crackdowns something came up in the article that I thought was of note on its own right. Quoting direct from the Nation, that is, the title of the article is:  “50 Foreigners Arrested in Weekly Crackdowns”. This was published June 16, 2018. I did another video in more detail regarding crackdowns and how this is becoming an increasingly common trend here in the Kingdom; I urge those who are watching this video to check that video out. But one sentence I really thought it was interesting. So they made a number of arrests, in a number of crackdowns; there were 50 total foreigners arrested but also noted: “A Thai was also arrested for providing shelter to illegal immigrants”. Now I would be curious to know under what statutes night now I would be curious to know under what statutes specifically that individual was charged. I can see multiple different statutes where they could be charged with some sort of criminal activity and that individual may not have ultimately been charged. They may have just been arrested, detained and after an investigative detention of some duration or having posted bail, was perhaps let go. I can’t say. But what I found interesting and what I thought was noteworthy for making this video is even sort of aiding and abetting those who are in the Kingdom illegally could cause individuals problems and let's be clear, it was a Thai National that was arrested so in theory I guess or at least hypothetically, foreign nationals assisting someone or sheltering someone, if you will, who is not in proper status could find problems of their own.

I don't want this video to be used for folks to get super paranoid or anything but I think it is notable. I think it is also notable because again just the overarching theme of the seriousness, and the strictness that Thailand, the Immigration  Authorities in Thailand, are dealing with immigration, the basis on which they are dealing with immigration, I think it is important to note that just sort of generally. But it is also important to note that it could cause an individual problems Thai or otherwise or another foreigner who is in legal status if they are assisting an illegal foreigner in basically continuing to circumvent the laws regarding immigration of visas here in the Kingdom of Thailand.