What is the Function of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Thailand?

A concise overview of the responsibilities and functions of criminal attorneys in Thailand.

Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Plea Bargain

The Thai criminal justice system does not allow plea bargaining in the same manner as the US system.

The Importance of Retaining Qualified Legal Assistance

In an international context it is unfortunate, but not wholly unheard of, to see unqualified service providers claiming an ability to perform certain legal services. Therefore, it is prudent to ascertain the qualification of those claiming to provide such assistance.

Power Of Attorney In Thailand

A power of attorney instrument is very commonly utilized in multiple different contexts with respect to legal matters arising in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The G-28 Notice of Attorney Appearance in US Immigration Matters

Attorney appearances can occur in an immigration context under many circumstances including, but not limited to: petition submission, deportation/detention hearings, or Consular processing.

Do I Have A Right To An Attorney in Criminal Matters in Thailand?

Although Thai law differs substantially from Western legal traditions in many ways, accused persons in Thailand have the right to the counsel of a Thai attorney in the Thai criminal justice system.

The Role of An Interpreter in the Thai Criminal Justice System

For those with no background in the Thai language the assistance of an interpreter as well as competent counsel can be very beneficial for those arrested in Thailand.

The Thailand Criminal Justice System: Investigative Detention

Investigative Detention is part of Thai Criminal procedure when dealing with an individual accused of a crime in Thailand.

Notarized Letter from the US Embassy for Thailand Driving License

A letter from the US Embassy is necessary to obtain a Thai driving license.

Beware Scams Impersonating Integrity Legal

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