Restrictions on Cambodians Marrying Foreign Nationals over 50

Cambodia places restrictions on their female nationals being able to marry foreign men over 50. Such restrictions can have an impact upon Khmer nationals wishing to marry foreign men even in Thailand.

Same-Sex Civil Unions May Become Legal in Thailand Soon

It appears very likely that civil partnerships for same sex couples may be a reality in Thailand soon.

US Immigration Consequences of Same Sex Civil Unions in Thailand

Should Thailand legalize same sex civil partnerships, will it impact the process of obtaining American visa benefits?

Embassy Notarized Affidavits for Americans Marrying in Thailand

Americans wishing to register a marriage in Thailand must first obtain documentation from the United States Embassy.

When Will Same-sex Civil Unions be Legal in Thailand?

Although draft legislation regarding same sex civil unions has been promulgated in Thailand, final ratification has yet to occur.

Will Same Sex Marriage Be Coming To Thailand Soon?

Some legislators in Thailand have hinted that legislation for marriage be coming soon.

Could Same Sex Marriage Be Legal in Thailand in 2020?

Is it possible that 2020 will be the year that the LGBTQ community sees real strides toward marriage equality in Thailand?

Americans Registering a Marriage in Thailand: Timing Issues

Getting married in Thailand can be a complicated endeavor.

Appointment Issues for Marriage Affidavits at the US Embassy Bangkok

Due to the lower volume of appointment slots, getting an affidavit of single status in order to register a marriage in Thailand can be increasingly difficult.

Will Same-Sex Marriage in Thailand Be Legalized?

An update regarding the present situation on same-sex marriage in Thailand and if this could come about soon.