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When Will Same-sex Civil Unions be Legal in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing same-sex civil unions in the Kingdom. 

I have had a lot of questions in recent weeks as to whether or not I think they are going to be legalized any time soon. I think it is very possible. 

It should be noted that we are in something of a political limbo here at the moment in Thailand where we have seen the elections but at the same time we are also waiting for a Government to be formed. I don't think it is particularly reasonable to presume we would see any action with respect to same sex civil unions any time in the next probably four to eight weeks from the time of this video and I am speaking right around Thai New Year, Songkran; right in the middle of April so I think it's fairly safe to assume we probably won't see any movement on this issue within a month maybe two months. 

That being stated, when still in session, the National Legislative Assembly did move forward on this. The Cabinet did sign off on it so it seems logical to presume that either the next Parliament will go ahead and move forward on the matter or we may actually see  the law published at some point in the upcoming weeks; it remains to be seen. As I stated, we are currently in sort of a gray area for lack of a better term or kind of a holding pattern if you will with respect to administrative matters and lawmaking here in the Kingdom so I don't foresee it happening exactly in the near future but based on how it progressed previously, I think it is very likely we are going to see that come into effect relatively soon. I would like to think it would happen within 2019.