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Same-Sex Civil Unions May Become Legal in Thailand Soon

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing same-sex civil unions, specifically the prospect of legalization of such unions here in the Kingdom. In recent weeks it has come to my attention through multiple different sources that it may be possible that we are going to see legalization of same-sex marriage or at least same-sex civil partnerships or aka civil unions in the relatively near future.

In a recent article from the Guardian,,  it was published December 27th, 2018.  Quoting directly, "Thailand's  Military Government has backed a bill that would make the country the first in Asia to recognize same-sex civil partnerships. If the bill is passed, members of same-sex civil partnerships in Thailand will gain greater property inheritance and succession rights and will also gain the right to give consent regarding medical decisions if their partner gets seriously ill." That was a recent development and the Guardian is taking note of that.  

In another article, December 26th from the Thaiger, the  The article is titled, “Cabinet Passes Civil Partnership for Same-sex Couples”. “NLA reports that they currently have a backlog of 50 bills to be deliberated so the Civil Partnership Bill may not be passed in the current session which finishes on February 15th, a week before the general election.”  So although this has gotten Cabinet approval, it may only come into effect or be promulgated after there's been an election here in the Kingdom. 

So it remains to be seen exactly when we are going to see this actually legalized but I think that this is a major significant step and I think 2019 may be a big year with respect to LGBT rights and same-sex civil unions being legalized here in the Kingdom which has always proven itself to be a very tolerant jurisdiction with respect to the LGBT community. We on this channel will keep you informed of various developments as they progress on this issue so stay tuned.