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Could Same Sex Marriage Be Legal in Thailand in 2020?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing same-sex marriage here in Thailand. 

This is a topic that we have not discussed for some time on this channel; the last time we discussed it was toward the end of the tenure of the prior government here in Thailand. At that time, there was rather serious discussion that same-sex marriage would possibly be legalized toward the end of the term of the National Legislative Assembly. As it was, it did not come to pass. We saw same-sex marriage discussed contemporaneously with cannabis and the legalization of medical cannabis. That issue seems to have progressed rather substantially in the past few months but same sex marriage has kind of stayed where it was the last time we discussed it.

That being said, there has been recent talk that it may happen and with a new government in power and a coalition government currently operating, and the fact that the LGBT issues and the issue of same-sex marriage in Thailand has cross-party support, this really isn't something that any one group has a monopoly on. We have seen this discussed in the opposition camps as well as in the coalition government camps that you know the issue of same-sex marriage is something to seriously be considered. 

I think it is certainly possible that in the year 2020 we could see same-sex marriage legalized in Thailand and that would be a substantial thing. Thailand remains a popular spot for LGBT tourists and the legalization of same-sex marriage I think would be right in line with how Thailand operates with respect to that issue just sort of as a general matter, and I think it would be right in line with Thailand's position as a very LGBT-friendly destination here in Southeast Asia.