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ResourcesThai Civil and Commercial CodeBook2Obligations Chapter V Extinction of Obligations Release Set-Off

Obligations Chapter V Extinction of Obligations Release Set-Off

Page: 51

Section: 336 - 341

Section 336.- If the thing forming the subject of performance is not suitable for deposit, or if in regard to the thing there is an apprehension that it may perish or be destroyed or damaged, the person performing may, with the permission on the Court, sell it at auction and deposit the proceeds. The same applies, if the keeping of the thing would be unreasonably expensive.


Section 337.- The auction is not permissible until after the creditor has been warned of it. The warning may be dispensed with if the thing is liable to deterioration, and there is danger in delaying the auction.

The debtor shall without delay notify the creditor of the auction ; if the debtor fails to do so, he is liable for compensation.

The warning and the notice may be dispensed with if they are impracticable.

The time and place of the auction, with a general description of the thing, shall be publicly advertised.


Section 338.- The costs of the deposit or of the auction shall be borne by the creditor, unless the deposit shall be withdrawn by the debtor.


Section 339.- The right of the creditor to the deposit is extinguished after the lapse of ten years since receipt of notice of the deposit.

After the right of the creditor is extinguished the debtor is entitled to withdraw even if he has waived the right of withdrawal.





Section 340.- If the creditor declares to the debtor an intention to release the obligation, it is extinguished.

When an obligation has been evidenced by writing, the release must also be in writing or the document embodying the obligation shall be surrendered to the debtor or cancelled.





Section 341.- If two persons are bound to each other by obligations whose subject is of the same kind and both of which are due, either debtor may be discharged from his obligation by set-off to the extent to which the amounts of the obligations correspond, unless the nature of one of the obligations does not admit of it.

The provisions of the foregoing paragraph do not apply, if the parties have declared a contrary intention ; but such intention cannot be set up against a third person acting in good faith.