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Food Delivery Suggestions During Bangkok Shutdown

Transcript of the above video:

At the title of this video suggests, this is kind of an editorial on my part. I just kind of wanted to make this video, I won't say for fun because I don't think any of us are having fun during this COVID-19 crisis if you want to call it that or COVID-19 event but the reason I made this video is because I have food that I really like and the food that I really like here in Bangkok specifically, there are some places that are allowing for delivery and so I decided to make a video to tell folks who might be watching this channel that there are places that are still delivering and especially for Western expats, there is still a variety of expat food that you can get notwithstanding the fact that we are all sort of stuck in this sort of COVID limbo if you will where we are all behind closed doors, social distancing from one another. 

So one place I really enjoy here in Bangkok specifically  Bei Otto.  I like German food a lot.  For those unaware, it is down on Sukhumvit Soi 20 on Sukhumvit Road and they are open for delivery via Chefs XP as well as for pick up via their deli shop and they say their deli shop remains open to sell takeaway sausages and other goods; their sausage is quite good. Their phone number is 022-260-0869 or 022-262-0892. Their email address so they are there one that I do enjoy eating at. 

Another one if you enjoy Mexican food, The Mexican. It is down on Sukhumvit Soi 2, if I recall; The Raja Hotel. They are doing deliveries to the best of my knowledge and they can be called at 094-330-0390 regarding delivery for good Mexican food; really good peppers and stuff. I really enjoy that place. 

American BBQ, I do enjoy American BBQ. I am an American obviously. I am from barbecue country and the Smokin’ Pug, open for delivery via Food Panda or you can call them directly at 083-029-7598 and they are delivering; they provide delivery services. Their website is

Finally again, I really do love German food, German food here in Bangkok and I like different kinds of German food, different ways of doing German food. G's Bangkok is also called the Embassy of Beers and it is open for delivery via Food Panda or Grab. Their phone number is 022-632-9513. 

Now this list is not exhaustive. I was just writing down the last few things we have been having during all of this and these were the ones that came to mind. I am not trying to leave anybody out.  I am not trying to single out or be dismissive of other places. I may have a think and we may put up another video of places I recommend if people are all that interested. It might be a little presumptive on my part that people are even interested in what I like to eat but it is rather interesting the way folks can just not remember different places when it is time to order food. I find that to be the case rather often. 

Hopefully this has provided some level of assistance or maybe some level of levity or enjoyment while we are all dealing with this ongoing sort of limbo while we are going through the process of having this COVID-19 pass through our community and move on so we can all get on with our lives.