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Changes to Business Registration Fees in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing business registration fees. What are we talking about here?  Well we are specifically talking about incorporation fees, things like liquidation fees, the various fees associated with lodging legal paperwork with the Government here in Thailand; specifically the Ministry of Commerce Department of Business Development etc.

In the past there was something of a moving sort of scale that was utilized when dealing with registration fees for corporations or dealing with the Government fees associated with changes to a corporate structure  etc. and that was usually based on some calculation having to do with the valuation of the company etc. That is now changing and there is a flat fee structure that appears to be being implemented in the Corporate Legalization World, I guess you could say.

Another interesting thing is that there are now e-registration fees so there are certain things that can be done on-line and the fees are generally less expensive when dealing with on-line registrations.

What can be taken away from this? Well basically I think it is clear the Government Authorities who are in charge of administering incorporations and maintaining the corporate records associated with maintaining a company here in the Kingdom those authorities have basically; I think they think it is a priority to go ahead and streamline the overall process, make it less complex, make it more efficient and also make it more straightforward for those wishing to do business here in the Kingdom.

I think that what can be taken away from this is, the authorities associated with the various government agencies that are tasked with overseeing corporate compliance matters here in the Kingdom, they are getting serious about being more efficient, about being more straightforward and basically creating a system or may I say, retrofitting the system to basically be more encouraging of investment and business startups here in the Kingdom.