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Formalities and Requirements for Thai Company Maintenance

Transcript of the above video:

This video is kind of a quick overview. Just some things to keep in the back of one's mind if you are looking to do business here in Thailand; set up a new company; perhaps be self-employed. 

Thai Companies do require some ongoing maintenance, corporate compliance. There are a number of accounting factors that play in. It will also be dependent on one's tax status or one's Company's tax status. For example, if a company has VAT licensure then certain reporting needs to be done even on a monthly basis, let alone sometimes bi-annually, or on an annual basis. So yearly and sometimes every six months there are requirements. 

If it is an active operating company you may still need to deal with certain corporate compliance; tax compliance; different types of filings on a month by month basis. Then this is on top of dealing with matters even pertaining to Business Visa maintenance and Work Permit application and renewal on an ongoing basis if you are a foreign national looking to do business here in the Kingdom of Thailand.