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Health Care Benefits Associated with a Work Permit in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

In this video today, we're going to discuss health benefits that can come from having a work permit in Thailand. Now let me be specific. We're talking about this in the context of someone who's genuinely working for another company. I need to make this clear - those who come to Thailand to set up a small business to do business for themselves, this video really doesn't pertain to you and here's why.

In Thailand, a social security scheme has been set up to take care of the labor force here in Thailand or the overall population has been designed sort of based along the paradigm the directors of a company are not presumably going to be included in the social security scheme, the social security apparatus which I'll describe here in a moment.

So what I'm trying to explain is owner-directors are viewed as essentially those who are not in need or not eligible for these kind of benefits. If it's short in a sense that sort of a paradigm is based on “look, you're an owner, we're presuming you can go ahead and take care of yourself when it comes to these matters but those who you are paying wages to, who are just essentially working on a wage type scenario, they’re being covered for different reasons than you are.” So those if you were watching this video and wondering about the so-called health card and who are managing directors of their own companies or are simply directors on their own companies or may simply just leave your records on a company. This video doesn't really apply to you.

I may do another video specifically in the context of that but there really isn't much more to it. I have seen a few very limited circumstances where that may not have necessarily been the case or exceptions have been made or just due to that individual circumstances of where he or she sat within the framework of the social security apparatus. They may have found some sort of accommodation within the apparatus. But is for those who come to Thailand, go to work for another company big or small. If simply you're coming to Thailand and you're here to work for somebody else, essentially work permit issuance generally comes with most of the methods to go with a Thai national working in Thailand.

Most notably entry into the social security apparatus, the security scheme here in Thailand which one makes contribution toward a retirement fund basically the better word for it probably not necessarily retirement on the social security scheme, an overall safety net. One of the most notable attributes of the social security scheme is health benefits. One is entitled to go ahead and want to get one is entitled to go ahead and register with a hospital that's operating a within the system provided by Social Security's and their health card that and the individual can use that to go ahead and get you know medical care under certain circumstances that are prescribed by the Social Security Administration here. One is able to go ahead and get certain benefits here. This applies to foreigners as well who are working here as long as they have a work permit and they are duly documenting this is something that some are really sickly aware of is it is it exists but it does one needs to go ahead and determine ascertain some of these details with their employers but if one has a work permit and one is entered in the security system, one can go ahead and receive medical benefits, certain medical benefits within the framework of Social Security due to the fact that they're working in Thailand.