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Import License & Customs Exemption for BOI Companies in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing Board of investment, or BOI companies here in the Kingdom and specifically some of the benefits associated with BOI Companies.

We have discussed various benefits on this channel in other videos; most notably land ownership benefits, foreign business licensing, notwithstanding the provisions of the Foreign Business Act; things like tax holidays etc., but in this video we are discussing, there are certain exemptions that the BOI can basically grant from certain importation duties and importation restrictions for the Kingdom of Thailand and we are mostly talking about importation of various types of machinery, materiel, various types of trade items, items necessary for the company to do business, technical items being brought into the Kingdom. If BOI certification is obtained it is possible for that company to not only possibly be exempt from certain customs duties but also exempt from restrictions on types of things that can be brought into the Kingdom and for that reason these importation benefits, these exemptions if you will, they can be highly, highly lucrative to the right company doing business here in the Kingdom especially those companies who are doing business in a global context because such importation exemptions may result in a relative boon when compared to doing business in another jurisdiction.

So for that reason, those who are seriously considering doing business in Thailand might want to look into the possibility of BOI certification as benefits such as importation exemptions can be highly lucrative to the companies so qualified.