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Is it a Good Time to Invest in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

Recently I have talked to a number of expats here in the Kingdom and we have discussed things like the likelihood that tourism has been on the decline this past year, the strength of the Baht having some impact on that, just generally talking to some of my friends and clients who are small business owners and even mid-size to bigger business owners and operators about "Is it a good time to invest in the Kingdom right now?"  My argument actually would be "yes", and I think that is especially the case with respect to small businesses, SMEs here in the Kingdom, and I will explain why.

Presently, for a number of different reasons, notably the strong Baht etc. tourism is a bit down and by a "bit" I mean it is rather it is rather down this year. That being stated, I do not personally believe that this is going to be a long-term trend. If anything, I think that more than anything, probably the currency has something to do with that and I think at some point in the future that will probably change. How that will come about is a matter for a different discussion. It is not really relevant to this video. I do think that the things will change and as a result, now might be one of the better times to get into Thailand especially as an SME.

There is a great deal of investment, foreign direct investment has been coming in in 2018 especially. It is my understanding over 250% increase year-on-year in FDI in 2018. I suspect some of those numbers have spilled over into 2019 as well. So I think actual FDI is up but we are talking about big corporations there and I think some of that plays into the US-China Trade War a little bit. I am more making this video talking about small businesses and right now I actually think small business investment in Thailand might be on a little bit of a decline and for this reason, you know the old saying with the stock market is "buy low, sell high". This might be a time to "buy low". If you are looking at creating a business here in the Kingdom, there are probably going to be some significant opportunities, especially in tourist destinations, that will allow for things like cheaper rent or being able to get certain premises that might not be available when Thailand is more at a peak with respect to tourism. This moment might not be a terrible time to go ahead and seriously consider investing in the Kingdom mostly because, again we may be in a bit of a valley with respect to especially tourism and I don't think that that is going to continue to perpetually. 

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