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Licensing for Cryptocurrency Management Advisory in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Cryptocurrency Licensing issues associated with management advisory in that realm.

In a recent article from the Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Licenses Required for Digital Asset Fund Managers, Advisors. Quoting directly: "The Securities and Exchange Commission announced all operating digital asset fund managers and investment advisors are required to apply for licenses by February 24 to continue their businesses". Quoting further: "Digital Asset Fund Managers" refer to any companies which manage investment in crypto currency or digital tokens for other people." I urge those who are watching this video to go and check that article out on Again it is titled: Licenses Required for Digital Asset Fund Managers, Advisors

The issue of cryptocurrency and licensing associated therewith has been rather interesting. This has definitely been one area that has been the cutting edge of the law here in Thailand. It is only recently that we have seen a statutory scheme created to deal with this issue. We saw it initially some time ago when they, basically for initial coin offerings and such, they created a legal framework. Now we are dealing with licensure associated with Advisory.

Exactly how this plays out remains to be seen but those who are engaged in work in the space of the type previously described, it is going to be a good idea to go ahead and get yourself into compliance with relevant law because I do suspect failure to do so could have pretty substantial negative effects for those who are operating in this sphere without proper credentials.