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Medical Examination Requirements for Thai Work Permits

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are going to be discussing Medical Examinations in the context of Thai work permits. We are going to be discussing this rather briefly

So for those who are unaware, in Thailand those who are not of Thai nationality, if they wish to undertake work in the Kingdom, or engage in employment activities, they need to go ahead and receive work authorization in the form of a Thai work permit. Now there are many requirements associated with Thai work permits but one of them is a medical examination requirement. 

Now the rules with respect to the  medical examination requirements are somewhat, I won't go so far to say antiquated, but they are rather old and some of the requirements, some of the required diseases that one be sort of examined for, such as Elephantitis haven't been a particular threat in sometime. That being said there are formal prongs, there are formal requirements that need to be met before a work permit will be issued so one needs to obtain a medical examination which tests or examines for the requisite diseases in order for the work permit to ultimately be obtained. For this reason it is probably a good idea to retain the assistance of a professional in order to assist with these sorts of situations because there are those who say "oh I can just run down to a local clinic and get just a letter from a doctor" “No” there is specific language within a medical examination certificate which needs to be present in order for a work permit to be issued. There are specific things that need to be tested for, in order for a work permit to be issued so it is probably a good idea to enlist assistance with this. That being said, once a medical examination documentation is issued then the individual in question can go ahead and apply for their Thai work permit, assuming they have all the other requirements met and the work permit can thereafter be issued. 

Something to keep in mind. This is not a one-time thing. Medical examinations in connection with work permits need to be obtained on a fairly frequent basis AKA usually at least every year. Sometimes there are certain types of visas, for example things like the Smart Visa, and certain types of visa under the BOI where a work permit visa can be issued for 2 years or even longer, presumably. But as of the time of this filming most folks are probably going to be on the one-year extension with the one-year visa, or the one-year work permit with the one-year visa extension, and those who are on such documents need to go ahead and get their work permit renewed every year and as part of the renewal process is getting another one of these medical exams. So this is something that those who have work permits in Thailand will become quite accustomed to because it will be something that has to be routinely obtained and maintained in the future.