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New Information Associated with the Thai Foreign Business Act

Transcript of the above video:

Today we're going to be discussing the Foreign Business Act. To those who've done business here in Thailand or who have invested in Thailand or who have worked in Thailand, the Foreign Business Act is almost a ubiquitous piece legislation here which many foreigners especially have to deal in pretty much routine matters across the border.

What is the Foreign Business Act? It used to be called the Alien Business Law now the Foreign Business Act. This legislation essentially created restrictions on foreign nationals wishing to do business in the Kingdom of Thailand. As has previously been noted on other videos on this channel, the Foreign Business Act can be somewhat overcome or I guess circumvented can be used as the word by other pieces of legislation and other types of certification such as Board of Investment certification here in Thailand a.k.a BOI certification or through things like a certification under the provisions of the U.S.-Thai Treaty of Amity.

Both of these pieces of legislation in Thailand essentially create exemption from the stipulation set forth in the Foreign Business Act. It recently came to my attention through the Bangkok Post, this section specifically in an article entitled "Protocols Eased for Foreign Firms" to quote directly from this article that went out 17th June 2017, "The government has amended the Foreign Business Act of 1999 to allow 19 types of businesses to be run by foreigners in Thailand without permission from the Commerce Ministry's Business Department says Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn.