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Nursing Home Development BOI Business Incentives in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Nursing Homes in Thailand or more specifically, business incentives for those who wish to basically start up Nursing Home businesses here in Thailand.

I recently found this from and I don't actually have the article. We are going to go ahead and put this on screen but it is regarding BOI, Board of Investment opens 3 activities. NEW - to drive Thailand forward to be a Medical Hub

1. Senior care hospitals, 5 year corporate income tax holidays;

2. Senior dependent care services, 3 year corporate income tax holidays and;

3. Clinical research activities covering two sub-activities. Clinical Research Organizations and Clinical Research Centers, 8 year corporate income tax holidays. 

So again, there are a lot of caveats to all of this; a lot of nuance to all of this. Again we will put that graphic on screen just so you can see that but it appears Thailand is definitely trying to encourage the country to be a medical hub and part and parcel of this is again senior care hospitals, senior care dependent services, things of this nature. 

For those in the West, nursing homes, assisted living facilities whatever you want to call them, are kind of a mainstay if you will in America for example or the West. They are rather prolific; there are quite a few of them. Here in Thailand it is not a big thing; it is frankly not a big business. It is not something that there is a great deal of demand for. That said, Thailand does have a rather aging population overall. At the same time, I think Thailand is more interested in acting as a medical hub for those outside of the Kingdom and I suspect that a lot of this is being geared towards you know encouraging perhaps foreign nationals to retire in Thailand and then these facilities are there and folks who become incapacitated for example or physically cannot deal with the day to day of life, then these old age facilities or these assisted living facilities may become an option. 

So something to think about. For those who are interested in establishing a corporate presence in Thailand we do assist with that here at our firm. We are always happy to provide assistance to those who are looking to do business here in the Kingdom of Thailand.