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Office Photos for Thai Work Permit Applications

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permit applications and specifically we are discussing the requirement of office photos. 

Now those who are unaware of how a Thai Work Permit application actually works, it is rather a, for lack of a better term, cumbersome process. It is complex now, much more complex than it once was in my opinion. One requirement that we are seeing and it is a requirement that has been in effect for quite some time, at least the last 15 years that I am aware of is office photos. You have to have photos of your office to show that there is a legitimate need for a Thai Work Permit; so basically photographs of the business. They are kind of photographs that on one hand they are sort of staged in that you are taking photos of yourself doing your work. Not many people sit around in their office taking a bunch of selfies of themselves just filling out paperwork or whatever it is you do in your office but there is a requirement to have these so to some extent they are staged but they do need to be based on a genuine workplace. I mean it can't be cut from a whole cloth. So for that reason, because they are a necessity for a Thai Work Permit application, it becomes necessary to take photos in one's office. 

There are various requirements that the Labour Ministry places on the applicant to show various information in the office photo; things like the address and the name of the company come to mind as well as other types of certification. Also it needs to be the actual workplace of the person in question. So all of these things, it is probably good idea to contact a legal professional if you are looking at dealing with a Thai Work Permit application because  not really a month goes by that I don't hear at least two phone calls from folks who are contacting us to assist with Work Permit applications, sometimes visa applications as well; we will do another video on that specifically. In either case where somebody says "yeah I went down there to file for my Work Permit and the Officer rejected the filing saying the photos weren't good enough". This person usually is kind of throwing up their hands, "what do I do to get this accomplished?" The photos are important. They are a piece of the evidence as part of the overall filing and for that reason those who are looking to get a Thai Work Permit are well-advised to understand that photos are not only required but specific information needs to be contained in the photos in order to be considered acceptable by the Thai Ministry of Labour.