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Setting Up a Thai Amity Treaty Company Amidst Coronavirus

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Amity Treaty Companies

We made a video previously where we talked about timing delays with respect to certification of an Amity Treaty Company. I am making this more than follow up to it. Yes companies are still being registered, at least as of the time of the making this video and we are in sort of a soft shutdown of the Government. As a harder lockdown comes on, we may see Government shutdowns and it may only be certain offices depending on circumstances but I suspect we will see intermittent services as things progress and I do think we will be able to see Amity Treaty certifications being perfected with respect to a Thai Companies.

Now for those were unaware, pursuant to the US-Thai Treaty of Amity, a company which receives certification under the Treaty specifically a company that is deemed to be an American Company can enjoy what is called national treatment under the terms of the Treaty and basically operate in much the same way a Thai Company can operate here in Thailand notwithstanding the restrictions of the Foreign Business Act which do preclude people of foreign nationality from maintaining majority ownership of certain types of Thai businesses. The Amity Treaty is very useful for Americans looking to do business here in Thailand.

One integral piece of the Amity Treaty process is the certification by the US Embassy specifically the US Commercial Services here in Thailand and due to complications arising from Coronavirus, we are seeing those certifications in a sense taking longer than they once did due to the fact that social distancing has to be maintained as well as just their overall staffing issues associated with social distancing are causing things to move a little slower. 

That being said, it is still possible to get a Company certified under the Treaty and do business as an American Company here in Thailand.