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Standard Thai Work Permits and E-Work Permits

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Standard Thai Work Permits as well as these sort of new E-Work Permits. I have discussed these E-Work Permits before. Generally speaking, they are associated with BOI consideration or other specialized Acts, things like the Petroleum Industrial Estate Authority and things that were designed to encourage certain types of investment here in Thailand. Sometimes, not in all cases, you may see one of these E-Work Permits issued.

How does that compare to a Standard Work Permit? Well a standard Work Permit is what it is. We have showed it many times. It is a little Work Permit booklet. An E-Work Permit is exactly what it sounds like. It is sort of issued; it is digital; it is out there in the ether. Now one of the issues associated with these is when you are converting, like if you are changing jobs from a Company that may be certified so you have an E-Work Permit to a Company that doesn't have that Certification to get a Standard Work Permit. That can be a bit of a tricky thing. The formalities associated with that can be rather formidable to get all that completed in such a way that a smooth transition is possible. In some cases it is almost required that someone transitioning from a Standard to an E-Work Permit, basically leave the country and come back in in order to rectify that change over.

Now it is not always the case so it may not be a terrible idea if you are in a situation involving either a transition or you are trying to decide between a Standard Work Permit and E-Work Permit, it may not be a terrible idea to contact a legal professional, gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed.