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Thai Work Permit Applicants Can No Longer Use Cash?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing a Thai Work Permit. Specifically we are discussing employment offices. For the purposes of this video, I think this is a specific video for Bangkok employment offices but I am curious to see in the comments or from correspondence from viewers that are in greater Thailand if they are seeing this at their local labour office. It looks like from what the staff is telling us here in the office for the last couple of days, again this is anecdotal but I have heard it regarding multiple offices here in Bangkok and our staffers deal with the Labour Department quite frequently; they have said "hey, we are just letting you know they are not taking cash at Labour Departments anymore with respect to Work Permit application, WP3 work pre-authorization application filing with respect to renewal filing." 

When you deal with this stuff, you have got to go down and pay a certain filing fee or renewal fee associated with the Work Permit. Presently, that is not done in cash anymore. I find that very, very interesting that the Government is now no longer accepting cash. Now depending on the office, it is a little vague right now, it seems that different offices are accepting different cashless payments. Apparently, certain places are using cards, certain places are using these online QR code functions but it is varying from place to place but it does appear that the overall trend is that the Thai Labour Office, the place where you apply for and renew your Work Permit here in Thailand, is going cashless.