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Thai Work Permit: Bangkok Employment Office Area 6 and 7

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permit applications and specifically we are discussing changes in the administrative way in which Work Permit applications and applications for renewal of work authorization in Thailand are processed. 

In the past here in Bangkok, all of these types of applications were generally processed through the headquarters if you will of the Ministry of Labour here in Thailand. Now it has been devolved into these 10 Area Offices within Bangkok proper. Now something to note in this video. If your Company is promoted under the Board of Investment or you are a Company large enough to utilize the One Stop Service Center, this video probably does not apply to your situation. We are talking about smaller entities usually the SMEs that have a handful of foreigners at the most working in them will need to deal with this new change to the rule. 

So, specifically as noted in the title we are talking about the new Bangkok employment office Area 6 and 7. Let's go ahead and talk about Area 6 first. The new area of jurisdiction for that office is going to be inclusive of the following districts or Khet as they are called here in Bangkok; that is their name in Thai; Khet office. So the districts that the Area 6 will pertain to are Klongsan, Thonburi, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok Yai, Bang Plat; so Area 6 has authority over those specific districts within Bangkok. Meanwhile, Area 7 has jurisdiction over Talingchan, Nongkham, Paseecharoen, Taweewattana, Bangkae.  So 6 and 7, those are the areas under which the Bangkok Employment Offices will have authority over those specific districts. 

So if you are doing business or you have a company or you work for a company in one of these districts you probably are going to see your Work Permit processed through a local office in that area from here on moving forward.