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Thai Work Permit Issues for Companies with Multiple Offices

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be discussing work permits. Specifically we are going to be discussing work permits in the context of a corporation that has multiple offices here in Thailand.

This is not an infrequent thing you will often see, especially with larger concerns having a head office and then one or more branch offices throughout the Kingdom. That being said, generally speaking, the individual who has a work permit within a company such as that, who is going to be working at multiple offices throughout the Kingdom, needs to go ahead and have those offices listed in their work permit. There is something of a grey area with respect to the exact geographic scope of a work permit, specifically where exactly one is able to work on a Thai Work Permit. Is it only at the specify address listed on the permit itself, is it a province as a whole so long as one is operating in the scope of their duties under the work permit they are operating under, so they are actually working for their employer, they are not undertaking separate employment. But it is clear that it is a good idea to go ahead and list the other offices that an individual is going to be working at here in the Kingdom, on their work permit so as to be in full compliance. And frankly if one is inspected by Immigration or the Labour Department for their activities at a given location, and they say:

“Here is my work permit” and they say

“Well, this place, this location is not registered, is not noted on your work permit”

“Well I work for the Head Office”.  

“Well strictly speaking you don’t work in this office”.

So it can be an issue. I don’t think it is necessarily something that is going to cause a great deal of consternation on a particularly frequent basis but that being said it can occur. It is an issue and there is a way to be in compliance which is for the multiple branch offices of a company, if one wishes to work in those offices, one needs to go ahead and have those offices listed in the pages of their work permit.