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Thai Work Permits: Bangkok Employment Office Area 10

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits and specifically we are discussing applications for both a new Work Permit and renewals. 

Now we are talking about this notion of a Bangkok Employment Office. In the past, up until January I believe 16, 2020, we would see Work Permits processed at the Ministry of Labour main office here in Bangkok. All of them for Bangkok would be processed there. They have now devolved this into 10 specific areas throughout the metropolitan area and each of these new smaller offices has jurisdiction over a specific subset of districts within the metropolitan area. So in Bangkok there are these various districts; sometimes referred to as Khets. Bangkok Employment Office Area-10 will have jurisdiction over applications for Work Permits from the districts of Din Daeng, Payathai, Rachatewi and Huay Kwang. So, those specific districts will fall under the jurisdiction of Bangkok Employment Office Area-10. 

It should be noted that companies which are promoted by the Board of Investment or companies of a certain size and scale, this may not pertain to them as in most of those cases involving companies that can utilize the facilities of the One-Stop Service Center, they don't have to deal with this in the same manner that other companies do; so this doesn't really apply to them. Those companies, usually SMEs that don't have a BOI Certification, you are going to have to do deal with the standard process and you are going to have to deal with these devolved new local offices.

I also suspect that this may fall into or may dovetail with the new initiative within the Ministry of Labour to inspect local offices more often with respect to matters pertaining to Work Permits and sort of devolving this on to a more local level for processing applications may go ahead and facilitate that initiative in the future.