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The Tragedy of Good Intentions

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, this is kind of an opinion piece. Not a very long one but, I have had a lot of correspondence, both very negative toward how I look at this overall situation. Some folks are very negative toward how they view the response to this has been handled. I think probably it is worth clarifying what I think because some people, their belief about what I think is fundamentally out of sync with what I actually think. At the end of the day, the title of this video sums it up. It is a tragedy of good intentions to my mind. 

We have had people that have been operating in good faith I think, I hope, operating in good faith in Governments around the world at an international level and we also private citizens in the public who are I think operating in good faith but it is just a bad situation. Unfortunately it has gotten in to a feedback loop and also I think levels of hysteria have risen to the point where reasonable discussion has been thrown out the window. I have to imagine people do calm down eventually and at some point this will come back around but I don't know when that will be. Look crazier, more hysterical is the wrong word, but more nonsensical things have lasted longer than COVID, or some of the less than reasonable responses to COVID, let's put it that way. For example, the Soviet Union which clearly didn't work on an economic level lasted for 70 years so I am hoping cooler heads will prevail, more reasonable heads will prevail sooner rather than later and we can get past this. But to me at this point it is just in my opinion kind of the tragedy of good intentions. I made another video on this and to reiterate it, my biggest point is I don't think anybody is acting badly particularly. There may be competence issues depending on where you look but one of the biggest things is the entire notion in my mind that a Government can eradicate a disease. That has arguably only happened twice in history; smallpox, and there was another Rhinovirus or something and don't quote me on that but I know for a fact smallpox but it took multi-generations and it didn't happen within a year. On top of that, we didn't shut down our whole economy to get that done for a prolonged period of time. It happened over time. Medical science dealt with it. Vaccination campaigns and things got out there and smallpox went away. that is a great thing. The reason I bring that up is because a) it is really the major exception rather than the rule, and b) smallpox, was to the best of my understanding, far more deadly than what we are dealing with now. It was really a terrible disease too. I understand COVID is not good but if I was picking between COVID and smallpox, I would probably take COVID. 

The point of this video though is I think everybody is trying to act in good faith. I think everybody is trying but we end up in a feedback loop of non-solutions or bad methodologies and everything just engages in sort of an economic entropy as well as people want to start doubling down; people start putting blinders on and just trying to make whatever methodology they think should work, work even though it is not necessarily working.

Hopefully we will come through this sooner rather than later but I just wanted to make this video to clarify my position. I am not blaming anyone for this per se although I think some of the responses lack something to be desired. At the end of the day it is a disease. We have got to deal with it and it is just sad that things have brought us to this point in the road.